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Rebirth 2015 Anthem

Max Enforcer – Rise Up (Rebirth Anthem 2015)

Festival Season Kick Start! Wow, this anthem is just amazing! Max Enforcer is a Rebirth veteran and knows how to share the "Rebirth feeling" with the crowd. A very good choice for this the Rebirth anthem...
E-Force & Digital Punk - My God

E-Force & Digital Punk – My God

Oh my God, this track is out now! E-Force and Digital Punk is an explosive combination if it comes to rawstyle and you get exactly want you expect. I see this track big on stage. As always, the heavy kick...
How to be a better hardstyle DJ

How to be a better hardstyle DJ

After a few talks with my DJ friends I created this list of tips to be a better DJ. I would love to write more about topics like: "Building your DJ brand with low budget!" or "How to get bookings?". I hope to...
Shellshock - Wormhole EP

Shellshock – Wormhole EP

OUT NOW! A hardstyle DJ duo from Scottland aka. Shellshock? If you don't know them you must check out their new EP! The futuristic sound of this EP, combined with well made sound pattern, is just...
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27 reasons why hardstyle is sexy

I checked out some pictures of Q-dance and b2s events for our next issue, and I found a few I had to share with you guys ;) Visite and, if you are looking for more. Some pictures are NSFW...