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10 harder podcasts you will love

10 free hardstyle podcasts Bored of the tracks in your library, smartphone or playlists on YouTube? I listen to music a lot and there’s not a single day, I don't listen to hardstyle. It makes me happy and I ...
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Dedicated Outdoor Review

DEDICATED Outdoor on the loose This year’s edition of Dedicated Outdoor took place on 11th of July, at Cattenbroekerplas in Woerden, with two areas – Raw and Freestyle was the sound of the day. We left ar...
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Daylight Festival Review

"Attention, this is the last call for passengers with the direction to Daylight Festival, the boarding is about to begin. Flight DL2015 will leave soon, so make sure you be on time at Gate DL15! The connecting ...
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Ruhr In Love Review

Once a year I-Motion, also responsible for Syndicate, turns the OlgaPark in Germany into a special electronic music festival. 48.000 people traveling from all over the country. Ruhr in Love took place on 27th o...
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Defqon.1 2015 Review

The weekend of the year! Friday After a 3-hour trip, we arrived at the entrance of the festival. Right on time, at half past two, we were waiting until the campsite opened his doors. The first rain drops fell...