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9 Awesome Q-Dance Trailers

One of the reasons to explain the huge success of Q-dance: they create awesome trailers. The last one I saw, Q-Base 2015, can even stand against top notch movie productions. We all get goosebumps when a silent...

Ghost Producer at Dirty Workz? The Mandy shitstorm

So, what happened? A new artists got signed at Dirty Workz: Mandy. After a few hours her first release started a shitstorm and people on her Fanpage, Youtube, Reddit and even other producers started to talk...
DJ Kronos

Who is Kronos?

In 2013 Jajox, Jacopo Mariotti, changed his alias into Kronos. With his big track; Boom Baby, he is now climbing his way to the top. We wonder who Kronos is. Why did he changes his alias? And what are his...
Hard Driver - Echoes

Hard Driver Ft. Szen – Echoes

Hard Driver Ft. Szen - Echoes is a release to remember. His new tune combines an incredibly awesome vocal by Szen, with a powerful melody and strong kick. This man is one of the pioneers when it comes to...