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Dark Pact – I Don’t Care

Dark Pact, a pretty underrated producer, who finally got some attention with his latest E.P 'We Are Godlike'. Adaro played his track Godlike in his closing set of Defqon.1 and the people went wild. He also play...
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Da Tweekaz – Wodka

Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka moja! W sadu jagoda malinka, malinka moja! Well, yeah, this is a very popular, traditional and typical song from Russia .. at least the first verse. So, now that you're in the moo...

Delete & Deetox – Fatal

This devasting virus is fatal What a massive track - Delete and Deetox, both signed at Theracords, bringing us an awesome combination of their two styles - Fatal!  First of all - I f*cking love the cover d...

The story of Hardbass Chapter (GER)

Wer in Deutschland mit Techno groß geworden ist, der kommt nicht um die Hardbass Chapter herum. Begonnen hat alles 2003 mit der ersten Hardbass Chapter. 12 Jahre und 29 Kompilations später: die Musik hat sich...