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Gunz for Hire No Mercy review

W elcome back to earth dear followers. You did party hard at Hard Bass 2016 – what an incredible edition. After an exhausting weekend for thousands of people, it’s time for the recap. To be fair, we’re not tha...

Alpha² – Willow Waly

L ast year was phenomenal for these two. Playing at superb events such as Defqon.1, Ground Zero, The Qontinent and Fantasy Island. I am talking about the Alpha². The twins have been unstoppable on stage. They ...

About Avi8, experiments and creative melodies

In our new monthly returning column, we will have a chat with talented producers. This time we caught up with Avi8, a really talented euphoric hardstyle producer from Scotland.  He is known for his tunes Wait F...
Freaqshow 2015 (2)

Freaqshow 2015 Review

A place full of extraordinary people, walking around with even more extraordinary masks and costumes. Over a couple of years Freaqshow developed to the most anticipated New Year's Eve party. And the reason is q...
The Funfair of Madness

Intents Festival 2015 best festival by Festivalchart

Intents Festival has won the Festivalchart award for the best festival of 2015 in The Netherlands. In 2013 and 2014 they already won the third place, and now they are at the top of Festivalchart’s list. Therefo...