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Interview: Zany presents inZanity

Taking insanity to the next level You know what's really annoying, besides rawstyle people complaining about euphoric and euphoric people complaining about rawstyle? My f*cking playlist on my phone! Seriously,...

Monday Bar Summer Cruise Review

Monday Bar sets sail! What an awesome weekend! Just take a moment and look into the festival schedule two weeks back. We had Mysteryland with its ‘Dawn Of The Planet Apes’ Q-Dance stage, you could have step fo...

Ground Zero Festival 2015 Review

In the ‘dark woods’ of Bussloo, from sunset to sunrise, Ground Zero Festival took place on the 29th of August. With a diverse lineup and different areas with only the roughest styles, Ground Zero Festival got u...

How to Be Creative and why it’s so hard

Creativity is often quite mysterious and unpredictable. Ideas will come and suddenly disappear when you need them most. We all know that feeling, sitting in front of a blank page and just...yeah... sitting ther...

Welcome to Summer Cruise

"DÖÖT DÖÖT, all passengers make yourself comfortable on deck, we will leave the harbour soon with destination Tallinn. Enjoy yourself, get a drink and shake your body to some electronic dance music!" That's ...