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13 tracks that every hardstyler can sing along

I've waited so long for this list! My top 10 tracks every hardstyler can sing along. It's just an awesome experience if you are standing in a big crowed with your fella hardstyle warriors and one of thes...
How to introduce friends to hardstyle

How to introduce friends to hardstyle

Maybe this sounds familiar to you. A non-hardstyle friend asks you what music you like. You say: "I'm into hardstyle ... ehm ... it's like house or techno but just a bit faster". Either your friend doesn't know...

Noisecontrollers about his new album All Night Long

Noisecontrollers aka Bas Oskam is working on a new album with the title "All Night Long"! We pulled him over and asked him what's all about his new album. What can we expect? Hardstyle or mainstream? Read the f...
Dance Valley 2014

Why you should visit Dance Valley 2015

While picking my next festivals I checked out Dance Valley 2015 and here are my top reasons why you should visit this awesome event. And no, this article is not sponsored by Dance Valley. Take it as a recommend...
Demo Kanon

Who is Demi Kanon?

Next up in our "Who is" series: the latest addition to the Lose Controle Music line-up. This young talent already showed his skills of with his Wildstylez collab and own previews. Learn more about him and get a...