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Coone – Love For The Game

This is dedication! Share your love for the hardest kicks, the roughest screeches, the sickest drops, the best melodies, the feeling you have while dancing to your favorite song at a festival, the love for...
Qlimax 2015

What To Expect From Qlimax 2015 Equilibrium

Qlimax 2015 - Equilibrium Okay, for starters. The Qlimax 2015 trailer and the line-up are already online and you had to live under a rock if you missed it. In case you have no clue what Qlimax is, here a short...
Solutio - 4

About Solutio, Soccer And The Magic Show

HE recently changed his label and his new home is now The Magic Show records. With its brand new design and upcoming plans, we thought it would be nice, to have a little chat with the newest member Solutio! ...
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I Am Hardstyle Review

HE is the true master, when it comes to quality hardstyle and tracks. He’s in the scene for years, traveling through countries, to spread his vision of hardstyle. I'm glad he's still in the scene and in love wi...

About Energyzed, melodies and Ultra

A few years ago, Xander and Jordy met and decided to join forces. With stunning tracks like ‘Together We Are’ and ‘Your Love’ they did hit the charts. After a while they wanted to go separate ways again. Jordy ...