Last year we visited many events. Some were disappointing and disappeared quickly from our memory. Others, however, surprised us very positively. There were small events that were certainly not less than the large events, but we also discovered a few bigger events, which somehow did not fulfil all our expectations. We gathered some events from 2015, which stuck in our minds! These are the best events in 2015!

Of course, it is difficult to compare events. The line-ups are different, the price and sound quality varied, the weather has huge influences and the atmosphere is not always the same. But of course, you can always compare something, regarding the ticket price. Sometimes you pay €70 for a ticket. But you’ll pay 20 euros for another event that is worth more than €20. Sometimes these cheaper events are even better than the one of €70 or even more..!

Let’s just start with the BEST event in 2015 – Art of Dance you made it!



The first event which got a 100 rating on our website ever!

What an incredibly, crazy event! Sadly we could not visit the 2014 edition, but what we did experience at Supremacy 2015 was beyond our all expectations. Art of Dance took an indoor event to the next level, with a Line Up you could only experience at Supremacy. Besides huge names like Radical Redemption, the anthem maker Digital Punk, Luna, E-Force, Act of Rage, Miss K8, Hard Driver, Ran-D and Adaro and Artifact, Art of Dance brought us highly exclusive sets by Sub Sonik live, Delete VIP, Minus Militia and a Warface album showcase – line up wise, it was seriously the best and most unique you could have discovered.

The massive show, with its flying DJ both, the stage design and little positive aspects, such as a smoking area next to the floor, enough space to dance and the very dense atmosphere are just a few things to mention, which made Supremacy 2015 the best event!

We are very curious about this year’s edition, because, what we experienced is hard to top!

Ground Zero


In the ‘dark woods’, from sunset to sunrise, Ground Zero Festival takes place in Bussloo every year! This year we did attend this event again. With a diverse line up and different areas with only the roughest styles, Ground Zero Festival got unleashed. Ground Zero Festival gave us that underground feeling we loved last year, once again. During the 10-year anniversary edition, there was even more to experience. This event was really off the hook!

The Festival grounds radiated in the dark. There is so many to see and experience. Think about abandoned fields, haunted houses, a Ferris wheel. You can even play computer games! But besides all this, they offered a wide range of different styles. From old school hardstyle and raw style to hardcore, industrial hardcore to terror. For me this event was the most surprising event of the year. And the event does only cost €50! It’s really worth it. If you like events like Dominator this surely is something for you. Ground Zero is Dominator by night!

Dedicated Outdoor

© Photography: / Maurice Vinken

© Photography: / Maurice Vinken


This year’s edition of Dedicated Outdoor took place on 11th of July in Woerden. There were two areas, a hardstyle and raw area and a freestyle area. The sun was our constant companion. It is a beautiful location, just near a lake, with a little beach.

The stage was not that spectacular, but hey, this is an event of only €20! For this money, you get a line-up like; Titan, Digital Punk, Frontliner, Josh & Wesz, Ruthless, Radical Redemption, Titan, D-block and S-Te-Fan, and more… The quality of the sound at this event was surprisingly good, the atmosphere was amazing, and the price of food and drinks are very low and good of quality as well! A great event that is organized very well. This February there will be an indoor event called Dedicated Indoor. Deetox, Delete, B-Front, Bass Modulators and more will tear down the place, we will be there, but will you?


Dreamfields 2015 XXlerator

The 27th of June, Dreamfields Festival took place at Recreational Area Rhederlaag, Lathum (Zevenaar), The Netherlands. Dreamfields is an ambitious concept which is organized by Matrixx events. Besides Dreamfields, they also do Emporium and XXlerator. With 5 areas of the best house and hardstyle music of today, beautiful stages and an amazing show, it is surely one of the highlights this year!

When you like different aspects of EDM then this event is really an event for you! Enjoy house, deep house besides hardstyle and raw style. This year there was a great line-up at every stage. Also Roughstate did present themselves at full force for the first time! There were great end shows of 15 minutes, one at the House stage and one at the hardstyle stage. And in the end, there was also a show around the lake! This event was also about the details, there were many merch shops, food & drink corners, chilling spots and even allergic people were attended for special food, I guess that’s service!

Dreamfields was really beyond imagination and did only cost €45! Great line up, great services, the great diversity of music, you better go next year!



Purge is a recurring indoor event in The Hague. 4 times a year, the club ‘Paard van Troje’ vibrates to its foundations. The event began several years ago with one stage. Nowadays there are two stages to enjoy.

And the line up is outstanding! On February 6 you can enjoy Adaro, Deetox, Frequencerz, Requiem, Act of Rage, Caine, Bass Chaserz, Thyron Kevin Kaos and more .. We’ve been to this event quite some time. The sound is beyond borders, so don’t forget your earplugs! Besides the tickets are extremely cheap, only €16 this time, early bird just for 12€

The atmosphere inside is always great, and the event is sold-out everytime! Besides that you don’t have to pay for coins, you can get your drinks directly at the bar, and they aren’t high priced! So better write down Purge; Veneration of Dead in your agenda, on 6 February.

The Big Boys

So these were my favorite ‘little guys’ this year. Of course, we also visited some big events. Which of them were disappointing? And which not? A brief overview.


Defqon.1 2015 Mainstage HardstyleMag

Of course, everyone knows Defqon 1. And this year it was wonderful again! This year we visited this event the whole weekend, we stayed at the campsite and can say that that you can’t miss Defqon.1!

But first, compared to Defqon.1 2014, we think show wise, at least at the mainstage, it was again one step ahead. The decoration was fitting the topic – well, most of the time! The main stage was a little smaller, and did not felt like a Defqon.1 main stage. It felt not that massive and monstrous.

Also, what the hell did they thought by creating the hot wheels stage? Total disaster in our opinion. All we could do was laughing about the ugliest stage in 2015 – besides the Q-Base stage.

But, as written at the official website, Defqon.1 is the Mekka of hardstyle, somehow outstanding and always worth to go. Just think of the endshows, the power hour, the diverse line up – it’s like you step into another world for a whole weekend.

The event lived up to expectations, everything is settled at this top event. Simply mark this event in your calendar! 24th of June!

Masters of Hardcore


Picture a large number of halls in your head, include a large dose of high BPM, add a lot of people, a big skull and you have Masters of Hardcore! Holy shit even if you’re not a hardcore lover, go and visit this event! Open up your mind and experience total madness. The areas are so big! The sound is so amazing, the people are out of control and dedicated to the max, the event is very well organized and the line-up is always great!

Have you never been to a hardcore event? Or do you want to visit the ultimate event of this hard style? Mark Masters down in your diary. I have no words for this event, because everything was just beyond imagination, good job Art of Dance! See you there, 26th of march!

Radical Redemption – The One Man Army


For us, this was called the surprise of 2015. In November, there were some big names on the program. Starting with The One Man Army, then Qlimax and finally Angerfist; Raise & Revolt. My expectations were not that high. After all, what can I expect from this event? The album is great, so this must surely be a great event, and that line up, though!

In hindsight, I can say, this event was huge! Next to Supremacy this could have been the best event of 2015. The Heineken Music Hall is a perfect location. The sound there is outstanding, the vibe is brilliant and the people did all scream the lyrics along! It was a great night. The stage did look a bit like the Masters of Hardcore stage of 2014, and it was good for a smaller indoor event. Although we expected something more fitting like a huge Radical Redemption sign. But after all, this event was really good! I hope events like this will return next year because this was beyond borders!

Qlimax 2015

Qlimax 2015 HardstyleMag

Yet, as the name suggest, this Is the highlight and leading showpiece of the harder styles. The opinions were different and as we already mentioned you can only compare Qlimax with Qlimax. 2014 was hard to ovetrump or even be on the same level. The stage was some next level shit and one of my favorite stages of all time! But somehow Q-dance managed to be on the same level as in 2014.

The stage had a less crazy design, but the show was even more crazy than in 2014! Furthermore the sets and line up was amazing and not a single set failed! We loved the fact, that so many older tracks found their way into the sets. We really don’t know how much we played the sets afterwards.

But also Deetox and Frequencerz did an amazing job, as well as Bass Modulators – outstanding performances! We don’t need to start with the atmosphere, because everyone knows what’s going on at Qlimax.

Atmozfears created an awesome anthem, perfectly fitting the topic, with its harder parts and great melody and besides the Supremacy anthem, which was even better, it was one of our favorite anthems this year.

Worth to mention


These events are worth to mention: Rebirth Festival 2015 who kicked off the festival season, I Am Hardstyle with one of the BEST sets we’ve ever heard (by Brennan Heart), Monday Bar Summer Cruise, settled in Scandinavia and on a boat, this was really the craziest event, we did visit. Let’s not forget about Intents Festival with the best decoration and topic in 2015 – for us they did already reach the same level as Defqon.1! We should not forget about Fantasy Island, with a huge line up and an awesome festival ground!

When you don’t give a fuck about the laws – Megabase Outdoor, located in Zwolle, High Energy Events, you guys are just crazy, we hope for another epic edition! When talking about smaller events, organizer EYE4Dance nailed it – low ticket price, huge line ups and a show, which is definitely worth to watch! Last but not least, Belgium’s leading indoor hardstyle event – Reverze! Ohh those memories, thinking about Mark With A K live, Endymions first set as a hardstyle artist, Brennan Hearts anthem and the next level show and stage!

After all, I can say many events in 2015 were great, with a very few exceptions. For us, the Art of Dance events were the big surprises of this year. I have also enjoyed many smaller events. Hopefully, we will be allowed to visit a lot of these upcoming events in 2016. SEE YOU ALL!

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