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Do you know Rebourne? This euphoric, bearded guy? Well, yeah probably there are a lot of euphoric producers out there who might be bearded as well, but I think he’s one with such a unique sound design, so I decided to present you my favorite tracks. He’s still out there, he still produces music, but I have the feeling he does not get the attention he deserves.

Starting with a popular track by Zedd remixed by him. Sadly it’s not a real remix but a bootleg – Zedd – Clarity (Rebourne Bootleg). Rebourne managed to take the awesome, strong and emotional vocals and underline them with a bright, euphoric lead, a really cool melody and pounding kick, which perfectly fits the whole track.

It does not have the hardest punch, but its own, unique signature. Personally, I prefer this bootleg way more than Headhunterz official remix.

Rebourne - Clarity

Two Fusion guys working on one track. Two masterminds, when it comes to creative melodies, joined forces to create the melodic madness. Rebourne and Omegatypez teamed up to bring you a song, drowning you deep into the main melody. The kick has a slightly harder punch, which gives the track a really cool vibe and drive. Especially the second climax, with a slightly different melody, will make you lose control!  

Rebourne & Omegatypez - Melodic Madness

What if you just cut out the intro part and add a third climax? Here’s the result and it will take you on its own journey through sound, melody and feelings. Daybreak is one of those tracks, you can listen to for hours. The track creates such a cool beach feeling – or am I the only one you think like this?

It doesn’t matter, the track really helps you to calm down, but still make you feel like you’re flying.

Rebourne - Daybreak

Okay, let’s go back to reality, with an awesome collaboration between Neilio and Rebourne – Reality. It’s a nice track, because you can clearly identify both artists and their styles.

They work perfectly together and it does not sound like those two styles hinder each other. Underlined with some smoothly whispering vocals it’s creates such a cool atmosphere, you can only compare to a Wasted Penguinz track. You should also take a look at Neilios kick edit, which is in my opinion the slightly better version.

Rebourne & Neilio - Reality

2015 already offered dozens of great anthems. An anthem can create such an awesome feeling, not only at home or while listening via headphones but especially during the festival itself. Rebourne had the honor to create this year’s Dreamfields anthem.

With Fields Of Dream he will bring the sunshine right into your living room, well, that’s how I feel while listening to this track. With some awesome male vocals, underlined with by the melody in the second climax – it will definitely make you feel like you need to travel back in time to relive the summer of 2015.

Rebourne - Fields Of Dreams

Another remix by Rebourne. This time he took Krewellas track Alive and did an awesome remix of it. If you listen to it, you will instantly fall in love with the melody. I personally love this song. The vocals are uplifting and the bright, high pitched lead will make you feel alive (again). And if that’s not enough, the surprising second climax will make you go insane.

Yes, Rebourne can also create some heavy screeches.

Rebourne - Alive

Last but not least Rebourne – Airwave. Believe me, I’m not the guy who supports the new rising ‘hard drop’ bullshit, some people think is hardstyle. I personally think, it’s just house with a harder kick and somehow way too soft to call it hardstyle.

Also Airwave by Rebourne sounds like the typical hard drop track, even the first drop sounds like it. You have the melody playing, with a non-pitched kick. But somehow I like it. You just have to wait until the second climax! Seriously, I’m not joking, it’s awesome, although I cannot describe why – listen to it and decide by yourself, if you like it or not!

Rebourne - Airwave

While writing this small article, I just listened to his tracks, which helped me to find the right words for each track, but I also recognized his everlasting style, which is still refreshing in each track.

Originally, I planned to make a list with just five tracks, but it’s impossible. There are still a few tracks I would recommend and which are worth to mention: Galaxy, Beyond, Louder together with D-Block & S-Te-Fan, Sanctuary together with Juized; Sorrow together with the Wasted Penguinz and Under Our Surface, the official Outlands Open Air anthem 2014.

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