Hi Physika, first let me ask how are you doing?
I´m doing very well. Thanks for asking!

For those who don’t know you yet, can you give us a little introduction about yourself?
My name is Brian Schösser. I’m 23 years old and live in the deep south of the Netherlands (Vijlen, Limburg). I’m working full-time as a physical therapist . Now you know where the name ‘Physika’ comes from, haha. I’m playing football in my own village for sports.

I’ve been producing hardstyle since the age of 14 and I’ve been playing at events as DJ since the age of 17. My style is raw hardstyle but with melody, emotions and a good atmosphere in it!

You are new to the scene, but you did already play at some big events, can you tell us something about the events you did already play at?
Well, actually I’m not that new to the scene. Before Physika I’ve been playing under ‘Innovators’ for many years as a duo on some big events too. Since we separated our ways I’ve continued as Physika.
I think my highlight until this day has been Essential Festival 2016. I had the honour to play after Noisecontrollers, which has always been an idol to me, on the mainstage of this event. You can imagine that I had an awesome time to play with a fully packed stage.

Since I’m now contracted at Pure Bookings, a lot of bookings will be arranged in the future so I’m really excited about that!

Recently you did sign at Gearbox Revolutions, how did you come in touch with them?
Well, it all started 2 years ago (whenever I was still Innovators). I contacted the big boss of Gearbox and he heard a lot of potential in my tracks but it wasn’t good enough for Gearbox by that time. They always kept an eye on me and whenever I released the official video clip of Such Silence they contacted me. They told me they would love it when I would join the gearbox crew!


Let’s go way back in time, how did you come in touch with Hardstyle? Was it love at first sight?
I remember I always had love for melodies. Before I was into Hardstyle, I listened to a lot of Trance en Jumpstyle. Then I always wanted to listen to some harder music and I discovered Hardstyle. I think it were also the melodies that made me fall in love with Hardstyle, in combination with the atmosphere in the tracks back in the days.

What was the first track you did ever hear?
The first track I can remember was ‘End of my Existence’ by Abject and Headhunterz. But I also remember ‘Karma’ by the Pitcher as one of the first tracks.

Who was your favourite producer back then?
For me there was a clear ‘Fantastic Four’: Noisecontrollers, Headhunterz, Wildstylez and B-Block & S-te-fan. Back then I loved almost every new hardstyle track so there wasn’t really ONE favourite producer.

When did you decide to produce tracks on your own?
Haha, I have to laugh about that. It’s about one addiction that turned into the other addiction. Back in the days I ‘jumped’ a lot on jumpstyle music. After a while, I discovered a video of d’Stylerz on YouTube where they showed Fruity Loops. I wanted to do the same and since then I stopped with ‘jumping’ and concentrated on making my own music.

You have a great atmosphere in your tracks, but it also has that raw feeling. How would you describe your own style?
Just the way you describe it: Raw Hardstyle with a powerful melody. I think it’s very important to have this atmosphere on the tracks, cause that’s what made me fall in love with Hardstyle in the first place. The last few months/years I really missed this in the raw hardstyle scene and there were only a few tracks that I actually liked. As I said before: back in the days I liked almost EVERY new track, nowadays there are only FEW that I really like. That’s what I want to change. For me ‘Rawphoric’ is the real and complete hardstyle.
[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/djphysika/videos/vb.934052646627045/1186405081391799/?type=2&theater” width=”800″ height=”500″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Speaking about your producing skills, how did you learn to master them? Did you practice a lot, or had some help or maybe did follow a study?
Experience over the time. I’m producing for almost 10 years now and every track I make sounds better quality wise. So for me it’s really a matter of experience that I gained over the past years. But that’s the producing part. Mastering is something different. For mastering I always let it do by someone else. Somebody else always hears things different then the producer who heard the track about 10.000 times. For Infected Section it was always Raphael Düsterhus who mastered the final tracks.

Do you have any tips for other talented producers out there?
Oh yes: NEVER GIVE UP. In the early days, your tracks do not sound good. That’s a fact. The first years I only heard ‘man this is garbage, wtf are you doing’. This only made me stronger cause I wanted to prove everybody that I could do better. Look where it brought me now. Just keep producing and keep learning!

Which producers do you recommend to keep an eye on?
Personally I love Ncrypta. He has a really unique style and awesome producing skills! Just like me he came from ‘Infected Sections Records’.

Speaking about your studio, how does it look like?
It’s in my bedroom. I recently bought myself a studio desktop. I have a M-Audio Soundcard, a Virus-TI Snow synthesizer and 2x KRK Rokit 5 as studio- monitors.

If you have to choose between DJing or Producing, what will it be?
That’s a very hard choice but I guess that I would prefer producing cause I’m producing for many years now and I love to express my feelings and emotions into music!

Your new track has such a ‘Such Silence’ has an amazing atmosphere. Can you tell us something about this track, were did you start for instance, what gave you the inspiration? How did you create the vocals, are they from a movie?
Well for me every track starts the same. I start creating a melody on a piano. Whenever I made the melody, I start adding different instruments to create an amazing atmosphere in it. After that I try create the different synths and the build-up and voila: the main part of the track has been created. It’s not that I neccesseraly have inspiration from somewhere. Most of the time I’m just trying things on the piano untill I made a melody-part which gives me a special feeling. That’s very important for me! I have to ‘feel’ the emotion in the melody!

The vocals are something I found online by coincedence. It’s very hard to find good vocals but after I was searching for I while I founded them online. They seemed to be perfect for me track Such Silence.
[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/djphysika/videos/vb.934052646627045/1243155132383460/?type=2&theater” width=”800″ height=”500″ onlyvideo=”1″]

What can we expect from Physika in the future? Are there any new releases coming out soon?
Well you can expect a lot more from Physika! After Such Silence it’s time to release ‘The Huntsman’. It’s almost every day that someone asks me online when it’ll be released or to send the track over. Then I have 1 project almost finished (I will add vocals by a MC to finish it) and just started a new project which is a bit in the same style of Such Silence.

Can you see you at any event soon?
There are a lot of bookings coming for me in the next months so keep an eye on the Physika page on Facebook to see where I’ll be playing! For this interview I can’t tell too much cause most of these bookings are still secret and have to be announcent by the organisation.

Where would you like to play someday?
For me it’d be a dream to play at Defqon. 1! Of course there are a lot of different events but Defqon. 1 is something I really want to achieve!

Do you have anything left to share with us? Maybe something for the fans from the early hour?
Well I will never forget the support from the people I had in the early days and I will never forget where I came from. I was always a person who wanted to make a picture with all the different DJ’s and wanted to talk to them. So if you guys spot me somewhere at an event, don’t bother to talk to me or something cause I always was the same kind of person like you are now!

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