Radical Redemption – Militant Mayhem Review

Last weekend it was time to put on our military clothes. Last year Art of Dance, in cooperation with Radical Redemption, organized the event Radical Redemption – One man army and the following edition this year was called Radical Redemption – Militant Mayhem. The party was sold out early so we were lucky to be able to take part of this epic night!

We arrived at the party around 22.45, the queue went really fast and also the security check. Time to get some first Tokens. Tokens were 10€ for 7 tokens. The good thing about Heiniken Music Hall is, that you can reuse your tokens. So, if you have some left at home from a previous party, you shouldn’t throw these away! There is also a possibility to get money back from unused tokens, which makes the venue and even the party seem less “expensive”. Even though the tokens are refundable, the prices were pretty high. A soda/water was 2 tokens and you got a small glass of wine for for 3.

Radical Redemption Live @ Militant MayhemTHIS IS HOW IT FEELS… 🙌


Posted by Art of Dance on Saturday, 5 November 2016

After leaving our jackets in the lockers we went up to the 3rd floor first, to catch a glimpse at the stage while Hard Driver was playing. He dropped a great warm up set, with his melodic touch and hard kicks.

Finally, back on the dancefloor, among the rest of the crowd, just in time for Chain Reaction. He delivered an “okay” set but a little bit too soft for my taste and for my expectations for this event. He played some tracks that we all know like Answers, which I think was really suiting for the military theme of the party, and also his remix of Euphoria. It wasn’t until the last 20 minutes of the set that the party started for real and the bass came slapping you in the face! Time to put on our warface!

The party really started when Frequencerz entered the stage. The mood was more aggressive and the bass was still pumped up from the last part of the Chain Reactions set. They played a lot of “sing a long songs” Like Wolfpack, Gods, Elevate and a remix of Torture. They also played the Q base 2016 anthem Die Hards Only, and we noticed a lot of people had a special place for that song. Since they played so many songs that we all know, they wanted us to sing a long, and in my opinion they muted the music a few times to much, but other than that a great preparation for the main man of the evening. They closed the set with the Radical Redemption collab Death Metal.


With the end of their set, the feeling on the dancefloor got more intense and the dancefloor got more and more crowded. People really wanted to be a part of the party when the time had come for the one and only, Radical Redemption. He entered the stage coming down from the roof wearing his west, that was now light up to the tunes of Protest Of Indignation. The entrance was fucking majestic and the light show just started to get interesting. Starting with lasers, confetti and more lights. Of course he played One man army and both Brutal 5.0 and the new version Brutal 6.0. The crowd was really showing support more screaming than singing along in the tracks.

The next act was one that many had looked forward to. Radical Redemption vs Warface. You could really hear the different styles in this set. A great combination, and a truly highlight of the night! They played some tracks like Annihilation, Break Your Ankles, Live for this and Mashup 6.0. They also played their new collab Undercover which was a real kick-ass track actually! This track people really had been waiting for and I don’t think the crowd was disappointed!

The party continued with Minus Militia and they also had a really nice show together, which gave a really nice vibe with a lot of lasers. They played a lot of new tracks from the album Militant Mayhem, which was expected. The album was about to be released a few days after so here we had the chance to enjoy the new tracks dancefloor together with the sick sound and pumping bass from the speakers at HMH. The album consists of both –  new tracks from Minus Militia but also some remixes from Crypsis, Chain Reaction and Radical Redemption. They also played some of their old tracks like Cracking your Ribs, Reign Supreme, Particles of Destruction and Get Prepared.

Minus Militia Live @ Radical Redemption – Militant MayhemOBEY & ARISE! 👊😠


Posted by Art of Dance on Saturday, 5 November 2016

After the Minus Militia set we visited the second stage to check out the set by Krowdexx. Interesting contest winner with some quite good releases so far. They played an amazing set with mostly Krowdexx tracks. Many of them are even not released! They played tracks like Vactans, Cold Fear, Scream for Mercy, #Inyourface and Winter is coming. During their set Enemy Contact joined the stage to play the collab they did create together with Krowdexx called Get Paid. At the end of the set Imperatorz joined the stage to premiere their track Recruit, together with Krowdexx they were going crazy. The stage was not that interesting itself but the music and the people there made the experience! The crowd was really going crazy in here and the guys were shown a lot of support for playing at the same time as Sub Zero Project on the main stage.

After their set it was time to head back to see Radical Redemption vs D-Sturb. The set was delivered with the same energy all DJ’s showed during this night. They played tracks like Menace, Fucking up the system. We also got to hear the new D-Sturb collab with Warface, Killwitch and the brand new D-Sturb remix of Regain’s Insane. One of the highlights on this set was the collab between D-Sturb and Radical Redemption – not released yet, but guessing from the lyrics the name could be Finger on the Trigger or Kill me. We’re just gonna have to wait for that one.

Next up was Act of Rage vs Crypsis. Here the tempo of the party and also the mood became a little bit softer. They played tracks like Brain Confusion, Torture, Gangsters for life and some tracks from Crypsis new album, Program Hostile, released in connection to Art of Dance’s Supremacy. They ended the set with the collab with Unexist, Kill for the Thrill. The set was okay but in my opinion this set should have been earlier in the party, even before Frequencerz. It was also nothing we didn’t expect.


Radical Redemption continued with a hardcore set, where he played tracks lite Eastside connection, Gods child and Crash the party. He also played a hardcore remix of the Intents 2015 anthem – Funfair of Madness, which was a mood-enhancer for all of us visitors that went to that festival.

The evening continued with more hardcore, and this time with the more well known hardcore DJ Miss K8. They played some tracks rom Miss K8’s album Magnet that had its release earlier this year. Some tracks we heard were Magnet, Bogotá, Liquid8, The poison, Blackout, Battlefield and Slam. We also got to hear the track Scream which was nice since Miss K8 did the track with Radical Redemption and MC Nolz was hosting, who was hosting the party.

I would have preferred having Denekamp Gespuis (Angerfist, Crucifer, Dyprax and Radical Redemption) like last year, since this set was one of the best hardcore sets I’ve heard. But we can only hope they return again next year!

The party ended with Radical Redemption having his emotional Thank you to the crowd, like last year, some tears were shed. Some thought that was a bit “corky” but I think that just shows us how much he really loves the scene and what he does, for me that makes me like him more on a humanly level. After the set, it was total chaos getting your things from the lockers. But the easy entering already made up for that.


This was Radical Redemption – Militant Mayhem (Saturday) | Official Art of Dance Event. Have a safe trip home and see you next time!

Posted by Art of Dance on Sunday, 6 November 2016

The party itself was truly amazing and outstanding in its own way. Though, last year’s edition of this Art of Dance event was even better and blew my mind away. Since my expectations were really high for this party, I must say it was a little bit disappointing that this year’s edition couldn’t reach last year’s level as well. However, this does not mean the party wasn’t worth to visit. The party was still great and Art of Dance did it again. The entrance by Radical Redemption was definitely one for the books. The mainstage felt great and the sound was stunning!

For all you raw lovers, this is a top event by Art of Dance you don’t want to miss! We hope the party returns next year and deliver the best in raw and hardcore music. We’ll see what Radical Redemption and Art of Dance have in store next year!

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