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The Hardstyle Mag #HSM001 Hardcopy


The Hardstyle Mag #HSM001 magazine with 60 pages! It’s out now!

  • Comes with an exclusive Warface Badge
  • Free shipping (World Wide)
  • High quality print
  • The ultimate magazine feeling
  • The best toilet lecture for hardstyle fans!

No shipping costs, no taxes, no bullshit, no matter where you are from. Get your hands on the limited hardcopy of our latest magazine now!

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We are delighted to present you our brand new magazine! Content …

  • Warface: Rise of a legend
  • The success of Minus Militia
  • Devastating moments of War Force
  • Radical Redemption: a phenomenon
  • Act of Rage Interview
  • The festival Year 2017
  • Exclusive behind the scenes
  • Companies within the Hard Dance Scene
  • Hardstyle High

… and much more!

Package includes:
– 1x limited printed The Hardstyle Mag #HSM001
– 1x exclusive Warface badge
– Free shipping worldwide

The Hardstyle Mag #HSM001 is available now!

Do you remember the moment as a kid, opening one of these trading-cards booster packs? The remarkable smell of freshly printed cards! What if we tell you, you can experience this exact moment again, but with our latest magazine The Hardstyle Mag #HSM001!

We worked extremely hard and can now proudly present The Hardstyle Mag #HSM001 featuring the one and the only Warface, adorning the cover with his new live suit! The magazine is filled with interesting, exclusive and new content. As listed above, we had an in-depth interview with Warface, discovered the success of Minus Militia, took a closer look at Radical Redemption, as well as interviewed three unknown companies within the hard dance scene. These are just a few examples of what you can find in the new magazine.

The magazine will be available as a limited printed hardcopy, which comes with an exclusive Warface badge and free shipping world wide, as well as a digital version! The digital version is fully responsible and offers more than just the digitized pages. Watch videos and listen to previews is now possible within the digital magazine.

The digital version will be available for free on 5th June!

No matter what you do, enjoy this magazine!


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