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Release Check February 2017 #1

New music is available every day. Today we take a look at the freshest and hottest tunes in store! What does the hard dance scene has to offer today? We went th...

Physika – A Quick Q & A

Hi Physika, first let me ask how are you doing? I´m doing very well. Thanks for asking! For those who don’t know you yet, can you give us a little introduct...

Dance4Liberation – Celebrate Freedom

Time to celebrate freedom – at least for all the Dutch and all across the Netherlands! Event organizer High Energy Events was hosting one of the almost uncounta...

Dedicated Indoor Review

Last summer we visited Dedicated Outdoor for the first time. Rewarding it with a spot in our 'Best Events of 2015' article, we were curious about the indoor con...

X-Qlusive B-Front Review

B arely recovered from Q-dance his New Year’s blast Freaqshow, we entered Saturday's sold-out Heineken Music Hall. It is the end of January, and that means onl...

What to expect from X-Qlusive B-Front

This Saturday we will set sail towards the Heineken Music Hall once again. Q-dance presents another X-Qlusive. It is time to place a well-esteemed producer in t...

Best of rawstyle #001

You're looking for some new music and you like it raw? No problem, we listed a few raw tunes of 2015, you should definitely check out! 5. Malice Signed at Gea...
Cover of B-Front & Frequencerz - Psycho

B-Front & Frequencerz – Psycho

The Loudness Soundtrack 2014 is out now! B-Front & Frequencerz - always a psycho combination. What a crazy mid-part for a song? Darn it! A mix of rap, br...

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