Release Check February 2017 #2

New music is available every day. Today we take a look at the freshest and hottest tunes in store! What does the hard dance scene has to offer today? We went th...

Dance4Liberation – Celebrate Freedom

Time to celebrate freedom – at least for all the Dutch and all across the Netherlands! Event organizer High Energy Events was hosting one of the almost uncounta...

Dedicated Indoor Review

Last summer we visited Dedicated Outdoor for the first time. Rewarding it with a spot in our 'Best Events of 2015' article, we were curious about the indoor con...

Purge – Veneration of the Dead

It is always great to follow an event from the start and see how it grows towards a great and even bigger event! Purge is one of these events we do follow for a...

Delete & Deetox – Fatal

This devasting virus is fatal What a massive track - Delete and Deetox, both signed at Theracords, bringing us an awesome combination of their two styles - Fat...
Cover of THER134

Deetox – Street Movement/Do Or Die

It's a movement! THER-134 is out now and again: a brutal raw release with killing kicks and awesome vocals! One of the few labels left which stayed "raw to the...

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