A Quick Chat with Ecstatic

"Ecstatic is the new euphoric duo created by Wouter & Jordy, two close friends from The Netherlands. To create the most euphoric feelings, giving people goo...

Stormerz – A Quick Q & A

Fabian Quiroga aka Stormerz is a young dj/producer from Chile and has so far reached goals that a few can claim as true. After he signed at X-Bone he played at ...

Defqon.1 2016 Review

It was the time way too many people were looking forward, time for one of the biggest festivals within the hard dance scene! We all loved the previous editions,...

Clockartz – A Quick Q&A

We are more than delighted to have Clockartz here for a quick Q&A. What a happy day that is! These two young talents are slowly and surely growing some Soli...
Jeff by Chrissie Sewalt (2 van 3)

About Writing Lyrics, His Voice & MC Jeff

From the age of 19 he was producing his vocals. Starting at the raw hardstyle label ‘Seismic Records’ he published his vocals on 12inch. His voice, vocals, and ...

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