How To Be A Rawstyle Producer & DJ

... In 5 Easy Steps! Easy money, f#ck bitches, snore coke - It's no longer just a dream It’s that time of the year again, Q-Dance is asking about your top 10 ...

Interview with Secrecy

Social media is a perfect place to spot new talented producers.  This week we did spot a young and talented dj/producer which just released two amazing bangers ...

Who Are Critical Case?

In our returning column, we will have a chat with talented DJ’s and producers. Last time we did catch up with Avi8, this time, it’s time to discover the raw sid...
Jeff by Chrissie Sewalt (2 van 3)

About Writing Lyrics, His Voice & MC Jeff

From the age of 19 he was producing his vocals. Starting at the raw hardstyle label ‘Seismic Records’ he published his vocals on 12inch. His voice, vocals, and ...
How to be a better hardstyle DJ

How to be a better hardstyle DJ

After a few talks with my DJ friends I created this list of tips to be a better DJ. I would love to write more about topics like: "Building your DJ brand with l...

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