Masters Of hardcore


Noize Suppresor – Legacy of Noize

At Dominator we did witness a lot of amazing sets. Amongst them was a dazzling 30-minute ride by Noize Suppressor feat. MC Multiplex. This set was all about the...

Interview with Meltdown

Hardcore is at an absolute peak, our music does rise to an enormous height. Amongst this evolution, or do we have to say revolution, lot’s of talented producers...

About Partyraiser, Scarphase and Hardcore

Hi Partyraiser, we are very honoured to have you here! There has been a lot going on these days in the hardcore scene, but also around you and your new formatio...

Decipher & Shinra Interview

F or those who don't know them yet, Pete & Adrian aka Decipher & Shinra are among Australia’s biggest artists in the Hardcore scene. They have already ...

Syndicate 2015 Review

The hardest indoor event in Germany - true words by Organizer I-Motion. It is that time of the year again, where about 20.000 people gather to celebrate the har...

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