Retaliator Review

This Saturday night we went to Retaliator, which took place in The Hague. Finally, more and more events are taking place in smaller but interesting locations. R...

Dominator 2016 Review

Dominator is always one of the events you look forward the most. The Hardcore scene seems to shine brighter than ever in 2016. The sun was shining, a crazy line...

BKJN vs Partyraiser Festival Review

On Saturday, the 11th of June, The Silverdome in Zoetermeer changed into a Hardcore-temple. After 6 sold-out indoor editions, it was time for an outdoor event. ...

About Partyraiser, Scarphase and Hardcore

Hi Partyraiser, we are very honoured to have you here! There has been a lot going on these days in the hardcore scene, but also around you and your new formatio...

BKJN vs Partyraiser Festival

The aliens have landed. It's distressing, but they're here. They piloted their flying saucer Through our atmosphere… They landed like a meteor Engulfed i...

Destructive Tendencies Interview

This fierce force is one of the most discussed acts in 2015. They bring brutal hardcore with kicking deep bass. Everybody in the scene seems to love them. This ...

When ‘Sound Becomes One’

What an amazing track. Finally the release is there, followed by a brilliant video clip. First played at Masters of Hardcore, this one still give me chills. Wha...

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