Radical Redemption

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Release Check February 2017 #1

New music is available every day. Today we take a look at the freshest and hottest tunes in store! What does the hard dance scene has to offer today? We went th...

Crypsis – Program Hostile Review

At Supremacy, Grzegorz Łużyński, better known as Crypsis, did release his brand new album ‘Program Hostile’! He is one of the flagships of the Minus is More lab...

Airforce Festival Review

On Saturday the 6th of August, the military base of Twenthe was in total control by Hardcore fanatics. Art of Dance and Absolutely Fresh did gather their weapon...

Destructive Tendencies Interview

This fierce force is one of the most discussed acts in 2015. They bring brutal hardcore with kicking deep bass. Everybody in the scene seems to love them. This ...

Who is Act Of Rage

Long time ago, we just introduced our interviews called 'Who is/are ...', we already covered an awesome range of great artists. Thankfully we had the time and h...
Radical Redemption

The One Man Army – Album Review

THE insubordinate prodigy rose four years ago, and now we are here. Radical Redemption has advanced and his fan base did grow to an enormous level. Reaching thi...

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