How To Be A Rawstyle Producer & DJ

... In 5 Easy Steps! Easy money, f#ck bitches, snore coke - It's no longer just a dream It’s that time of the year again, Q-Dance is asking about your top 10 ...

Q-Base 2016 – Die Hards Only?!

With one of the most industrious and most remarkable events within our scene, Q-Dance marks the end of the outdoor festival season. One more time Q-Dance gather...

Thercords week: Caine Interview

Hardstyle Viking Caine is ready to conquer! A man, a beard, a mission - conquer the hardstyle scene. With his unique look hardstyle producer, Dj and Theracords...

EH Macarena – Interview with Luminite

He is prepared to be the baddest! Currently signed at the ever growing label Gearbox, DJ and producer Luminite promised his fans and people within the scene to ...

Interview with Secrecy

Social media is a perfect place to spot new talented producers.  This week we did spot a young and talented dj/producer which just released two amazing bangers ...

A Quick Chat with Ecstatic

"Ecstatic is the new euphoric duo created by Wouter & Jordy, two close friends from The Netherlands. To create the most euphoric feelings, giving people goo...

CRAFT Festival 2016 Review

Was CRAFT 2016 worth waiting for? CRAFT Festival 2016 by Lose Your Mind was one of the best event I ever had been too. The fact that you're in the heart of one...

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