Raw Hardstyle – Music Without Feelings?

Raw Hardstyle or “rawstyle” dominated 2016 music-wise. I am in the scene for quite some years now and I never witnessed such a triumphal march towards the centr...

X-Pander – Rawstyle & a French flair

  Today we had the privilege to interview the one and only French rawstyle super-star Valentin Troha, aka X-Pander. He gives Hardstyle an amazing French...

Interview with Rebelion – The Uprising

Two guys, one passion, one vision. These guys are ready to unleash their sound upon the Hardstyle scene. Prepare for demolishing kicks and destructive basslines...

Interview with Krowdexx

Sometimes you find a track that sounds interesting in many ways. When you follow the artist for a longer period of time you can feel their music, you start to u...

Destructive Tendencies Interview

This fierce force is one of the most discussed acts in 2015. They bring brutal hardcore with kicking deep bass. Everybody in the scene seems to love them. This ...
Jeff by Chrissie Sewalt (2 van 3)

About Writing Lyrics, His Voice & MC Jeff

From the age of 19 he was producing his vocals. Starting at the raw hardstyle label ‘Seismic Records’ he published his vocals on 12inch. His voice, vocals, and ...

What to expect from X-Qlusive B-Front

This Saturday we will set sail towards the Heineken Music Hall once again. Q-dance presents another X-Qlusive. It is time to place a well-esteemed producer in t...

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