Dear fans & readers,
with regrets, we are to inform you that with the end of January 2018 we are going to close down Hardstyle Mag. We have officially reached our financial limits. Despite a good run with our last magazine and the help of our amazing volunteers, we are not able to keep up creating our content and magazines in the quality we want
We’re closing down.
HardstyleMag has been 100% Hardstyle and another 100% blood, sweat, tears, and dedication. We welcomed new team members, let others go, we rearranged internally, we created new content formats, we laughed, cried and wrote, wrote, wrote. 9 magazines, countless articles, postings, videos – we loved creating this content for you guys and it really does break our hearts to give it up.
But we are also proud. You made it possible to spread the word of Hardstyle with over 1.000.000 readers over 4 years, 1000 articles and 55.000 printed pages only about Hardstyle!


  1. I have an open order on your shop. What now?
    All orders will be regularly shipped. If you received an “Order Complete-Mail” your magazine is already shipped.
  2. Were can I get the other magazines?
    All our digital magazines are again available here: (Coon / not English!) (Digital Punk) (DJ Stephanie) (Warface) (DJ The Prophet / latest issue)
  3. Will there be content on your website?
    No – nothing new, but you will reach all our past articles on
  4. What now?
    Nothing… If you have any comments or further questions you can reach us via mail:

Thank you for everything, we could have not done it without each and every one of you.

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