Currently, we might be witnessing one of the most ambitious projects across the complete music scene globally – the mother of all street parades is coming back to Berlin! In 2021 !!

In the 90’s the world was watching to Germany’s capitol Berlin and a global movement called “LOVEPARADE”. The hype called Techno was now appealing millions of people from around the globe to dance on the streets to hard beats and to worship the electronic dance music. What started 1989 with several hundred people grew up to a parade with more than 1.5 million people.

A movement

A movement that has shaped the music scene globally in a unique way and the principle of the street parade got taken over by other music genres or even political movements (Christopher Street Day). Now after 18 years, the creator and inventor Dr. Motte and his team are working on the ambitious plan – to bring the Parade back to where it all began – Berlin.

When we from Hardstyle Mag received this information, a spirit of optimism got directly spread around. Indeed, the task is huge – but definitely worth supporting it. Therefore, Hardstyle Mag met with organization to conduct an interview and to find out, what’s going on there and what needs to be done. Especially what we all can do…

How do you perceive the current corona situation?

Dr. Motte: In short – we stay home. But its astonishing to see how empty Berlin looks currently. The streets and public places are like abandoned. But the positive surprise is, how good things are going with the environment. Even in Berlin, the air has become so fresh and clean again – like it was at my childhood. This is a very hard situation for everyone working in the music business.

Loveparade 2021 Interview: Unforgotten the original parade in Berlin

Can you tell us about the project “Rave the Planet”

Dr. Motte We are directly based in Berlin close to the Brandenburger Tor. The complete team comprises 5 members beside several volunteers. We all are completely into the diversity of the electronic music and its tremendous contribution to the public. The culture of electronic music fascinates and inspires people all over the world. Dancing together unites nationalities, generations, religions, genders, social classes, and cultural backgrounds. At Rave The Planet, we are committed to placing it under protection on UNESCO’s Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage. This would have a dramatic but important impact on the scene and its being perceived by the public. Not only musical wise but also for event organizations or clubs and venues.

Loveparade 2021 Interview: The official design

Which would be?

Dr. Motte: The social benefits would definitely be that with the ratification in the national UNESCO list would be symbolic and communicative recognition of the electronic music and its club culture. In addition, the title “Intangible Cultural Heritage” promotes public awareness for the electronic music culture as an independent cultural form that has long outgrown from its niche existence – and therefore its worth being protected and preserved.

Loveparade 2021 Interview: Founder of the Loveparade and Rave the Planet: Dr. Motte

The legal benefits are even more vast. Once the status as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” is assigned the barriers for opening new clubs would dramatically decrease. In general, the event’s staging would not automatically be protected by it would be considered more worthy of protection. The protection of venues could be given a greater weight than of noise, neighbors or monuments. Last but not least it could lower the tax burden by reducing the VAT from 19% to 7%. 

Why is the parade coming back now in 2021?

Dr. Motte: A lot of People ask for many years if the Loveparade is coming back to Berlin. People want to dance together to electronic music played in the streets of Berlin. First of all, it is a long way to prepare such a project in advance. You have to create a complete concept, convince friends and you have to gather a lot of permissions. In addition, compared to the original parade – the parade next year has turned away from a sponsoring funding but to a funding based principle. So we gonna focus more on the music and less on the sponsors. Visit now the official Event on Facebook!

Yeah it’s called Fundraving

Dr. Motte: Yes, the parade can only take place if we are able to collect enough funds. The current limit is at 1.5 million euros. But as every donations becomes automatically part of the project, we created a very special idea, to value each contribution. For every EUR 5,00 that gets donated the donor gets a small symbolic character that gets placed on the parade model. This model can actually be seen in Berlin Based at the Original Tresor Garden where we danced during Loveparade in the 1990’s Leipziger Str. 130 near Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Loveparade 2021 Interview: The street model. Donators can put a figure on the street

Why was the name Loveparade changed to “Rave the Planet Parade”

Dr. Motte: Actually, there were some legal restrictions we had to respect but even more, we think that nowadays the spirit is different and we think that we need to appreciate these circumstances with a complete new but even more suitable name. We rave everywhere on this Planet and this has a positive impact in to our global electronic music comunity. Let’s follow the original spirit to bring all people together dancing on a Rave the Planet Parade and dance for e better future.

What genres will be represented there?

Dr. Motte: The electronic music is diverse and as long as it entertains people in a good way, then its part of the mission and should be represented there. Therefore, we don’t limit it to any genres – the more styles are represented the more colorful the parade will be.

Loveparade 2021 Interview: Love Peace and Unity – Loveparade

Indeed the project you guys are running is amazing, but even more challenging. So for all people out there, who now feel the urgency to support you what could they do in particular?

Dr. Motte: First of all, we have set up a special page for donations [LINK] people are free to choose their amount and of course the if it’s a one time or reoccurring donation. But also the communication and mouth to mouth propaganda about the parade and the project helps a lot. We also have flyers here, people can distribute. The more people get informed about it – the higher the likelihood is that we can bring this project to success. So spread the awareness

Are there any other projects around the parade, people should have a look at

Dr. Motte: Yes, we have special events on our social media channels – called “Instant Raves” which are currently online streamed.  We do that every saturday from now on. we want to present the whole variety of electronic music & electronic dance music like labels,, live act’s, dj’s, clubs, festivals, party teams and more. Dr. Motte and Claudi Schneider curate the whole line up. The next edition #17 is on June 20th. with Blacksheep – the event is already online.

Loveparade 2021 Interview: The Aftermovie Loveparade 1998

Is there a possibility, for all organizers who might be interested to bring an own truck, or artists who want to participate to send their interest?

Dr. Motte: Yes we currently have two pages, where both Artists and Organizers can register for a special mailing

Okay perfect. Is there another contact people could write to if they have questions, ideas or maybe even ideas?

Dr. Motte: sure. contact us at all media platforms like Instagram or Facebook or on our website ravetheplanet.

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