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The Hardstyle Mag #HSM002 Hardcopy


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The Hardstyle Mag #HSM002! Get it now!

  • Comes with 60+ pages
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No shipping costs, no taxes, no matter where you are from. Get your hands on the limited hardcopy of our latest magazine now!

Be aware! You can read the digital copy for free. With this purchase you get the limited Hardcopy and support this project!

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We are delighted to present you our brand new magazine! Content …

  • 15 Years Scantraxx with DJ The Prophet
  • The Story of Hardstyle
  • Behind the Scenes – About Mental Health
  • Be a Festival Maniac – A complete Guide
  • Digital Punk, Public Enemies & Unleashed Records
  • Bass Modulators – Interview
  • Headhunterz – Good to be back
  • Festival Reviews

… and much more!

The Hardstyle Mag #HSM001 is available now!

Do you remember the moment as a kid, opening one of these trading-cards booster packs? The remarkable smell of freshly printed cards! What if we tell you, you can experience this exact moment again, but with our latest magazine The Hardstyle Mag #HSM002!

The magazine will be available as a limited printed hardcopy, which comes with free shipping world wide!


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