On July 9th. the globally known techno parade returned to Berlin and with her more than 200.000 visitors. 18 trucks and more than 150 artists prepared a day to remember. The organizers celebrate a huge success and already set a new date for 2023.


At the latest when the “Rave the Planet” parade meandered through Berlin’s Tiergarten in the evening, you had the feeling that the good old Love Parade was indeed back.

The crowd was huge and the euphoria was there, the techno-bum-bum didn’t sound that much different than back then, and people danced like crazy after the music trucks. The number of participants exceeded all expectations, even those of Loveparade inventor and Rave the Planet organizer Dr. Motte. Officially, the parade was registered for 25,000 participants but way more people came.


But how great the desire for a new Loveparade was – quickly became apparent in the streets. The organizers quickly spoke of 300,000 visitors on Saturday, the police then estimated the number on Saturday to 200,000.

The Love and the parade are back: Even rain wont stop us

Despite it started to rain over and over again, the people’s desire for a the music was bigger and consequently seemed to ignore the water coming from above. They just kept on dancing or also from time to time an umbrella got simply swung around.

In any case, it was so crowded that the 18 music floats with about 150 artists got stuck at times. Still shortly before the goal, the victory column, was reached, the police went into the discussion with the organizers. Since security has the highest priority, therefore broke the police and organizers decided to cancel the parade.


Even in the evening for the final rally in front of the ‘Siegessäule’, thousands still joined. At 9:20 p.m., the police spoke of at least another 100,000 people. “We don’t have the exact number yet. It could be much more,” said an official from the police situation service. Dr. Motte, meanwhile, estimated the number at 300,000.

The Love and the parade are back: Dr. Motte himself

Fortunately, there were no problems during the parade. About 600 police officers secured the parade. Again and again the music trucks had to stop because they can’t get through the crowds. Everything runs peacefully. According to the police, there are no incidents worth mentioning – as there have been all day.


Right after the first edition, the organizers published the follow up date for the next edition in 2023. So we all gonna meet again on July 8th. 2023. Great news!

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