It’s not everyday that we at Hardstyle Mag have to report on negative issues surrounding our scene, but this one seems to be getting serious: Thieves seem to have discovered festivals for themselves.

We got to know about the issue when this first happened to a friend of the team on Intents during the day. After today’s post by Partyraiser (see below) and the comments indicating that this is not the first time this happened, we decided to raise awareness and warn you: There’s a bunch of low-life assholes going around stealing, and sometimes even attacking people with pepper sprays.



Our advice: Leave your necklaces and other valuable jewellery at home. Don’t give thieves a chance. And as usual: this also counts for other belongings. Keep your phone & wallet as close to your body as you can and store any other valuable belongings in a locker. Also when camping! Lock your tent with a number lock and store valuable things (i.e. portable speakers) in a locker!

Take care of each other, stay sharp and safe!

If you spot a thief report him or her to festival security & police immediately. Be calm and self-confident, violence or vigilantism are not an answer.

Image: Dreamstime / The Author

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