The furious Duo is again inviting you to a very special show on March 16th. 2024 at the Breepark. So it’s again time for ‘Welcome to the Gang’ – and again a powershow of pure madness. Let’s have a final checkup before the madness takes over again.


Both solo artists are extremely successful – Rooler and Sickmode have both been inspiring the hardstyle scene for several years and there is no end in sight. But as soon as they join forces and perform as THE GANG, we know in advance that it’s going to get wild – really wild.

On November 5, 2022, we experienced the first and so far last edition and were thrilled. With an outstanding lineup in a great location, both artists took us away with a crazy and unique show.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the guys decided to repeat this concept. And bang, on 16.03.2024 the time has finally come.


Actually, you won’t be able to find out the full lineup once you search the socials. Neither will you find it on the official website. After Rooler and Sickmode fooled you with several links quoting ‘Lineup Here’ and ‘Lineup Really here’ you will get forwarded to the ticket shop to get your tickets. And the final message

Preview | R U Ready for Welcome to the Gang: Stage 2022

You know you will regret not going. We promise this will be the sickest line-up till now! Even better than 2022! Just get your tickets and we will see you the 16th. of March!


We all know that these guys are up to no good. Therefore – may there be a lineup already known or not – we just can’t miss that event, and neither should you. Therefore grab your ticket and let’s meet up there. The ticket start price is 56 EUR and VIP is 90 EUR.

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