On 17:00 CET the duo Sound Rush announced a new project called ‘The Great Escape’. HardstyleMag took a closer look and also spoke briefly to the guys. Great looking artworks and a promising title – let’s see what’s behind.


In 2020 the duo created some great attention with their ‘Brothers’ concept and actually, some people were already asking for the next step. Here they go ‘The Great Escape’ got finally announced on Sound Rush’s socials on March 8th. at 17:00 CET. A sophisticated trailer and nice artworks, promise big things for our Hardstyle souls.

Concept – unique locations and new music

The concept will experience its launch on March 13th. 2021 and start with a series of live streams from various unique locations. Already the first location sounds promising – an abandoned cooling tower. But where? – no idea – but cool indeed. But the time is set – 20:00 CET

Sound Rush – The Great Escape : The date for Kick-off is Set

In addition, the concept will also unveil a lot of new tracks, remixes and a remix EP. The package will be extended by an edit package of classical tracks called ‘The Great Escape’

The idea behind

According to their statement, Sound Rush wants to flee with us from this contemporary struggle. Get rid off the COVID struggles and return to the world of music. We all have the need for freedom, and Sound Rush wants to deliver this freedom to us through their live streams.

Official Trailer

The trailer is already promising and shows obviously the first location.

Sound Rush – The Great Escape : The full trailer on YouTube


Ok, well what do we got here. A dedicated live stream from secret and unique places, with a lot of specials and new music? Actually the already unveiled place ‘Watercooling Tower’ sounds absolutely thrilling to us. So we gonna tune in – for sure.

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