Melanie Engel

Enter the Void was this year’s theme of the indoor festival we’ve all been waiting for: Qlimax! A realm of infinite nothingness where darkness brings light, and anything is everything. Like always, you missed out on a lot if you didn’t visit Gelredome’s biggest Hardstyle party of the year:

1. The Shadow Priests

The Shadow Priests have been kept a secret until the end. The mystery act turned out to be Cryex, followed by Adjuzt and The Purge playing together. While Cryex came with tracks like “Madness 6.0,” “Out There,” and “Frontrow,” Adjuzt and the Purge played “Echoes,” “Fantasy Land,” and “Dreamscape” in that captivating 30-minute-surprise-set.

2. The Premium Experience

There are not many indoor events where it’s so worth getting the Premium experience compared to the Regular one. First off, the separate entrance directly leads into the venue. No need to take your jacket off quite yet, but take the escalators up to the 3rd floor and enjoy the view from the dedicated Premium deck before getting a locker in the heated comfort of your exclusive area. There was also a bar, several restrooms, token machines, tables and podium chairs stretching almost over the whole length of the left side of the stadium. But if you need more reason to secure your Premium tickets for next year, don’t forget about the additional elevated Premium deck at the back of the Gelredome, with a perfect stage view, another bar, tables, and even free snacks!

3. Showtek’s Surprise

Their fast-paced set and tracks like “FTS” were our personal highlight of the night. But as if Showtek wasn’t surprise enough to be seen on a Hardstyle stage again after so many years, they dropped a new collab with Sub Zero Project and even announced a new Hardstyle album releasing in early 2024! Seeing legends like Showtek stepping back into the scene makes the departure of DJs like The Prophet or Headhunterz a little less hard.

4. An out-of-the-world Show

Known for its captivating shows, stage, and light designs, Qlimax once again did not disappoint. The star-shaped stage was surrounded by a 3-dimensional cage, almost giving the illusion of outer space time travel. The pyro and lasers were on point, and the moving elements hanging from the ceiling just completed the overall light and show experience. Not to forget about the curtain drop though, the one characteristic show element that truly opens the stage for a night full of melodic BPMs. As always, Villain was the voice of the ritual that guided the crowd through the night.

5. The Premiere of a new Live Act

B-Front and Phuture Noize’s new live act “The Enlightenment” literally enlightened the Void and came with a melodic set of both new and old tracks, such as “The Paradox”, “The Anyone”, and “My Salvation.” We’ve heard many people say it was their favourite set of the night, so it definitely left a mark! We can’t wait to see it more often in the future.

6. The exclusive Livestream

For those who were not able to attend Qlimax in person, Q-dance offered a unique at-home experience and a LIVE broadcast of the night. Access to the live stream was included and free of charge as a DEDIQATED member or to be bought as a pay-per-view ticket. It is a great and affordable option for those who couldn’t go or those who want to watch the spectacle again afterwards.

Final Thoughts

Qlimax was packed with good vibes, great people, mind-blowing sets and many surprises, and we can’t wait to see what Q-dance will come up with again next year. Make sure to sign up for the DEDIQATED membership to stay up-to-date, rewatch the live stream or gain exclusive access to the pre-sale for 2025.

97%Overall Score
Premium Experience100%
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