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Probably one of the most awaited parties since their 15-year anniversary: 5 years later, Scantraxx showed everyone once again that bigger is not always better. It was certainly a birthday bash to remember!

Melanie Engel

The Hemkade in Zaandam is always a great location for mid-sized parties. Gezellig! Easy to reach by public transport and car, it offers several stages, indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as a cozy atmosphere.

In the entrance area, there was a bar, token machines, lockers, and a public viewing screen for the very important match that was about to take place around 18:00. Through the corridors on each side, it was possible to access the main stage and outdoor areas.


For the 20 Years of Scantraxx event, the organization came up with two areas, whereas the line-up of area 2 started from 19:00 on.

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Dedicated to four b2b sets, Scantraxx’s Carbon and Silver artists gave it all and wrecked the second stage. We hope you took the chance and didn’t miss out on Divinez vs. Eternate, Scabtik vs. Retrospect, Bright Visions vs. Dvastate, Rogue Zero vs. Nightcraft, and the closing set of Revive in area 2.

Area 1 was, of course, the centerpiece of the party, hosting a total of 21 unique sets and shows. In the middle back of the area, there even was an elevated VIP and relation deck for a perfect stage view!


The guests requested, and Scantraxx delivered! Due to the match, some changes were made to the timetable to make sure that no one had to miss out on headliners like D-Block & S-te-Fan or the legendary 20 Years Show.

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Hemkade welcomed its first act on the stage at 13:15: Envine. With live vocals and a cellist on stage, he showed the crowd a totally different side of Hardstyle. What a start! Here are some more of my favorite sets of the day:


Adrenalize was also celebrating an anniversary: With his 10 Years of Adrenalize set, he played all his classics, making it a perfect show for euphoric lovers. Tracks like “The Future,” “Far from Home,” and “All the Memories” got the crowd in the right mood for what was coming!


At 15:00, Scantraxx took the crowd on a one-hour journey through the past two decades and a show like no other: Confetti, pyro, fire, and inflatables were just the cherry on the cake! Tracks from Headhunterz, Ran-D, Davide Sonar, and Noisecontrollers rounded up this perfect set.

Review: 20 Years of Scantraxx: D-Block & S-Te-Fan on stage


Probably one of the highlights of the day for many dutchies: the World Championship match. The viewing took place in the entrance area, together with a big screen and a heated crowd. Even Villain had to take a break from performing to support his team against the USA. Luckily the Netherlands won, the fans were happy, and the partying continued!


His brand-new act, “The Compass,” was brought to the Netherlands for the very first time. New act, old style: Keltek’s sound remains recognizable and unique as always, and the fans loved it! He played tracks like “Way back home,” “Dark Sun,” “Awaken,” “Spirit of the Night,” and his collab with Sound Rush “One of Us.”

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At 23:00 it was time for Scantraxx’s big announcement: Level One moves up from Scantraxx Carbon to its main label BLACK. Celebrating this milestone, he performed his brand new live act, Reversed Reality, for the very first time.


I have been to many parties and festivals this year, but this one was definitely in my top 5! But not only me: the feedback, in general, was overwhelmingly positive, and I’ve even heard some people call it the “party of the year.” Well well, what more is there left to say than: Good job, and we can’t wait for more!

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