I know you guys love this kind of lists! So, first check out our last “tracks sampled by” with DBSTF.

First of all, I respect Noisecontrollers and I’m not insulting him for using a sample illegally. All rights belong to the musicians credited.

On top you find the original sample and below that the part where Noisecontrollers used it. I cutted the tracks a bit, so you don’t have to search for the right time. Lean back and enjoy. You should wait one moment before playing, so the tracks can load!

DJ Panda – Its A Dream

Most of you might think that the original was made by DJ Dean (3. Soundtrack), but DJ Panda was the first to release this awesome melody. A tribute or a sample, who cares? “Attack Again” by Noisecontrollers uses this piece of techno history. Find the version from DJ Dean in perspective.

Carona – Magic Touch

Pretty easy to guess. It’s “Gimme Love” by Noisecontrollers. Funny thing, even the original uses the stutter vocals, maybe that’s where hardstyle got it from? What we can say is, that he got really inspired by “Magic Touch”.

Bingo Players vs Chocolate Puma – Disco Electrique

This one was a bit tricky for me, since I’m not sure if “Disco Electrique” is just using a sample too. But I couldn’t find anything older, so please correct me in the comments! If you have not already heard it, it’s used in “Disco Is The Music” by Noisecontrollers.

Jan Hammer – Tubbs and Valerie

I love this sample, because it’s hard to hear in the first place. But give it some time, hear the full sample and you will get an “AHA”-moment. Noisecontrollers used the melody in “Pillars Of Creation” just a bit faster. I imagine the young Noisecontrollers listening to this lovely song, writing their next hit, haha.


Last but not least, a little game I want to play with you! Can you guess the track, in which Noisecontrollers used this sample? Let me know in the comments below! Track by MOREL IN!

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