…started his career under a different alias? Barry Drooger a.k.a. Frontliner gained a reputation as “The Melodyman” throughout the years. But he did not appear all of the sudden in 2008. Here’s what he did the years before:

Carsten Giese

Hardstyle forums and myspace, which still was a big thing back then, went already mad when the first low quality clips and set rips of “Tuuduuu” appeared at the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008. The track had a simpled but yet so unusial melody and powerful kicks. Everybody wanted to know who this guy was. It quickly became revealed, that Barry changed his name from “Abject” to “Frontliner” and was the man responsible for this.

Abject – the official releases

Barry actually started producing under this name in 2005. He had his first appearance on scantraxx together with Headhunterz. Their release “Scantraxx Rootz / End of my existence” became an instant classic

DID YOU KNOW THAT FRONLINER…: …produced this one together with Headhunterz?

Abject had another release on Next Chaper, which was a sublabel of StraightOn Recordings. Straight on Recordings were pretty big back then. and for a newcomer it was considered to be a big achievement having a release there. The tracks “In our memories” and “My Dome” already provided that signature sound which he would continue producing as Frontliner.

DID YOU KNOW THAT FRONLINER…: …Medley edit of “in our memories”

The unreleased projects

In 2007 and 2008 unreleased promo tracks surfaced every then and now. This gave an impression on how he kept sending demos until he finally got signed by the labels. One of them even appeared an a CD with unreleased songs by Scantraxx.

DID YOU KNOW THAT FRONLINER…: Unreleased early production as ABJECT

Career boost as “Fronliner”

Switching his name to “Frontliner” and moving to Scantraxx turned out to be the right decision at the right time. When Headhunterz played his Medley/DJ Tool “Outside Spacer” at the Defqon 1 Mainstage in 2008 the crowd showed an insane reaction. This one still dows the job nowadays.

DID YOU KNOW THAT FRONTLINER…: Live caption of Outside Spacer


It was nice looking back where one of Hardstyle’s greatest producers came from and that he really lived the motto of his current label “Keept it up” to reach his goal.

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