Amy Melissa Farina

Devin Wild returns with yet another EP concept after the widely successful ACID EP of 2021. This year, Devin Wild presents a brand new concept – the EXHALE EP. This EP features four unique tracks that take the listener on an audiovisual journey deep into the mind of the talented producer. Each track is accompanied with stunning visuals that accompany the vibe and energy of each track, and was released on the 9th of November 2022.

The title track of the EP, Exhale, introduces the theme and energy of the project. The following tracks take the listener on a journey through different energies and types of breathing. The second track, Against Time, represents channelling your inner darker energies and turning them from dark to light. RUIN is the third track, featuring rhythmic influences, takes the listener deeper down the rabbit hole, increasing the tension and intensity of the listener’s breathing.  The final track, Scorpio, is a higher BPM energetic and powerful track which brings the listener to a faster and more stressful pace of breathing, releasing ultimate energy from within.

Together, these four tracks create a deep and meaningful journey coupled with vibes that are rare is Hardstyle music – influences from techno and drum & bass complete this epic journey through sound that shows exactly what Hard Music in 2022 is all about – thinking out of the box with unique and meaningful ideas, while using the Harder Styles to tell a story and bring the audience together to create something special.

The EXHALE EP is out now on all portals. Head over to your favourite one to stream and download now.

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