As Festivals with loud bass sounds are no longer welcome at the Geffense Plas, the beloved rawstyle festival Fatality won’t be allowed to return. The municipality of Oss is thus responding to the wishes of the neighborhood, which was experiencing increasing inconvenience. A direct consequence of the new rules is that Fatality cannot take place at the lake this summer.


It was the year 2016 when the first Fatality outdoor took place and directly marked a huge success. The festival was up to then only known for its indoor editions at the club Monte Carlo. With the Theracords takeover the festival with its strict rawhardstyle focus grew steadily and quickly. Now after the pandemic, the next outdoor edition was already announced for July 30th. 2022. But according to the latest statements, the Geffense Plas is not available anymore.

The Geffense Plas is one of the five locations in the municipality where Oss is working on a location profile. This profile states exactly which rules organizers must adhere to. The new profile for the Geffense Plas now explicitly states that events with “Ultra Bas” are not allowed. These are festivals with hardstyle and similar music.

Municipality bans Fatality event: Partypoeople on the water


The impact of that kind of party on the environment is enormous,” says alderman Thijs van Kessel, who for the new rules had contact with local residents, the Geffen village council and the Ruwaard neighborhood council. And we notice that there is simply no support for it. The neighborhood is willing to provide more space for festivals, but not in this genre. For the organizers of Fatality it is a pity, especially after two years of corona. They too are doing their best to put on something beautiful, but the number of locations where they can go is constantly decreasing. In Oss, for example, we cannot offer an alternative.”

Municipality bans Fatality event : Aftermovie 2019


Opposite the scrapping of the bass tunes is the addition of a festival day at the Geffense Plas. Until now, that one day of Fatality was the only major festival allowed annually. The new rules state that once a year two consecutive days of partying are allowed with a maximum of 15,000 visitors. Think of a weekend with pop music or a Dutch-speaking program. Earlier organizers were already lining up to organize something around the Geffense Plas. Van Kessel has no doubt that there will be something on the program next summer.


However, the rules for this new organization are as strict as ever. For example, a plan must be submitted in advance about how to deal with flora and fauna, waste and nitrogen emissions. In addition, a noise meter must be installed so that the municipality and other interested parties can monitor live whether the standards are being exceeded. The maximum number of car boot sales along the lake is set at eight per year. Small events with a maximum of 250 visitors are allowed to take place without restriction, as long as they do not play amplified music.

Municipality bans Fatality event: Mainstage View 2019


A development that is welcomed both in Geffen and in Oss. It is a godsend”, says Hans Hendriks of the village council of Geffen. Because for those few years it was really rough. We had the burden, while the visitors sometimes came from far away. That is why we are glad that they listened to us. The alderman did a good job of that.”

The new location profile for the Geffense Plas applies until the end of September. The coming festival season is thus more or less a pilot. In the autumn, the rules will be fine-tuned if necessary in order to arrive at a definitive location profile.


Up to now, we don’t have any informations to which location Fatality will be relocated to. We only can hope that the organizers will find a new proper venue soon. Until then, we have to accept that there will be no Fatality. We can only hope, that the organizers will find an alternative soon. We Keep you posted.

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