A hardstyle event in the time of Corona? How is that even possible? We, from Hardstylemag, spoke to the organizers of ARENA NOW to get insight into how such an event is possible in these times, from the concept to implementation and the necessary procedures in getting a permit to host the event.

Anna Ströhlein / Thomas Tischhauser

Since the beginning of the year, Corona has been the most discussed issue in Germany. In mid-March, the pandemic was at its height and a ban on all major events was imposed on the entire country until the end of September (which has since been extended until the end of December 2020). A lockdown was implemented where normal life in Germany was almost completely shut down. Everything, including discos, clubs and bars had to close.

The organizers from ARENA NOW took this as an opportunity to create a new concept that had not existed in Europe before, to restore a little bit of “normality” to our beloved party-scene.

Arena Now Concept: Tom Fasshauser – organizer from ARENA NOW

Here are some short-hand facts about the ARENA NOW concept and what it is all about:

  • As of 20th June 2020, ARENA NOW has been running a successful concert and event concept with up to 2400 visitors. The whole concept is ‘Corona-safe’ and approved by the relevant authorities
  • The mainstage is a 100m² large, 360° stage
  • There are 4 LED screens, each 36m² in size
  • A 320-meter-long Fascia LED band stretches all around the stands
  • Lasers and lights illuminate the entire hall and the main stage
  • Around the 360° stage there are 60 ‘cubes’ which house up to 8 people
  • Adhering to social distancing regulations, 4 people may always sit together. Groups are always staggered in rows and assigned to specific seats. You are not allowed to leave your seats (except to use the toilets, to go to the bars or to go for a smoke break) and masks may be removed when seated
  • The arena is divided into 5 zones with 480 people permitted in each zone, every zone has a smoking area, bars and toilets
  • Usually, the arena’s capacity is 22,000 but only up to 2400 people per event are allowed in now
  • Attention is paid to all corona-related rules throughout the Arena, including distancing and the wearing of a mouth and nose protector

Arena Now Concept: Mainstageview with the Cubes around it

Arena Now developed a unique concept

The concept of ARENA NOW is one-of-its-kind in Europe. All in all, there have been about 40,000 attendees this year and, so far, there has not been a single registered case of the Coronavirus.

This event shows us that we can still party and enjoy ourselves, in these unusual times, but only with strict adherence to the safety rules and regulations mentioned here.

The organizers of Arena Now have really put something great together and offer us a chance to support our DJs and the event industry as a whole, which really makes this more of a ‘Hardstyle concert’ rather than ‘just’ a party.

The concept has had excellent reviews, which is something you can feel in the atmosphere of the events! According to the organizers: “The atmosphere at the Harddancemusic events is consistently good and full of energy. The hardstyle community is so grateful and sticks to the rules.”

Arena Now Concept: Musical Madness Event

Let’s stick together even more in the current times and show the world that we won’t let ourselves be beaten.


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