Hardstyle Viking Caine is ready to conquer!

A man, a beard, a mission – conquer the hardstyle scene. With his unique look hardstyle producer, Dj and Theracords member Caine hit the scene like a bomb. We are very happy to have him here today, as he shares some interesting thoughts about a fast growing career, the hardstyle scene in his home country, possible collabs and of course about the perfect beard!

Apexx & Caine - Sweaty Baws

How r u m8?
I’m gr8 AF m8 thx

Sick m8!

Your career is one for the books! Within 1 year you gained a lot of attention, got booked more and more, found a great label and played at some cool stages. Were you overwhelmed by your fast growing career? Did you expect such an outcome?
Yea it’s been a crazy year for me! Still pretty shocked by all the places I’ve played in just 1 year! At first I was pretty overwhelmed with what was coming, it was pretty scary to see how things were going so fast, but I’ve worked my ass off for things to finally come to this and I’m just enjoying every moment of it!

When speaking about fast growing careers and big attention in a very short amount of time – what can be possible negative effects on the person? How did you handle your very fast growing career?
I truthfully can’t say there’s been anything negative at all about how it’s all went, at first I was pretty overwhelmed by it all, I had a stage where I really didn’t think I could handle it (which I never told anyone haha) but now I’m just going with it and having great fun and meeting amazing people!


You’re known as the “Hardstyle Viking” – pretty unconventional name, but at least something unique! Can you describe the hardstyle scene in your home country?Haha yeah! It was kinda just given to me when I grew the beard!

In Scotland Hardstyle isn’t anywhere near as huge as it is in Holland but there is a few big nights held maybe 2-3 events a month that have always got promising line-ups which is nice to see! but I’ve seen a few nights get cancelled really suddenly and I hear that it’s because ticket sales were so low and that kinda sucks to hear! but we are all a crazy bunch, we know how to party, that’s for sure!

Since hardstyle is not very known in your home country, how did you come in touch with it? What was your first party?
I actually heard some older Hardstyle from like 2006 I think and I really liked it and decided to have a little dig through the genre and see what I could find and that’s when I came across the likes of Headhunterz, Wildstylez and Brennan Heart and since listening to them I’ve really not stopped!

My first Hardstyle event I attended I was actually playing at as an opening set at an event called Infexious where The Pitcher & Crypsis were headlining! Insane to think how much things have progressed since then!

Do you appreciate to be called the “Hardstyle Viking”?
Yeah, I love it! I think being given that name was a nice gift from all my fans, it just seemed to have happened when I grew a beard but I love it even more because I mean.. How many DJs in any other genre of music have a Viking? I also think when you think of the violence from a Viking and you hear my violent music, it kinda goes well together.

Can we expect a Caine Live act soon? With some kind of Viking costume? That would be sick and funny at the same time – did you already think about something like this?
This is something I’ve had thoughts on, it could be a cool idea, who knows 😉


Credits @Joris Raaijman – https://www.facebook.com/jorisraaijmann/

When talking about the studio, can you tell us something about your studio set-up? Do you have any favourite equipment?
I have the most basic set up, which I like but really soon I need to upgrade to better equipment for better quality music! I do however love my Axiom Pro keyboard, it’s where the melodies and noises come from!

Speaking about talents, who would you recommend to keep an eye on? Who would you love to collab with?
Invector who just joined us at Theracords is very promising! also would keep an eye on GPF, they guys are killing it!

I’d love to collab with many artists actually DJ Otzi, Lady Gaga, B-front, Radical Redemption, Denzel Washington, Frequencerz, N-vitral, Rebelion, Destructive Tendencies and a 5th collab with Unresolveds mum … the list goes on!

Do you have a personal bucket list? What would you love to do at least once in your life-time?
I’ve fulfilled most of my bucket list this year actually which was to travel the world and sharing my music with people and that’s well and truly happened!

Caine @ Defqon.1 2016 Indigo (Full Live Set)

Why are you always kidding with Ihor?
It’s not a joke actually, his music is terrible and he sucks – FUK U IHOR!

How do you maintain your beard? Can you give some tips about how to grow the perfect beard?
Well yea.. stop being a pussy and put the razor down m8 but..

I have beard oil and a comb, that does the trick and when it comes to growing a beard, you either got it or you don’t and I happened to have a good growth so didn’t shave!

Best. Decision. Ever.

What would be more painful for you: Your beard gets cut off or all your fingernails get pulled out?
Definitely losing my Maine, I don’t want to go back to being a 5 year old girl ever again.

Do you watch Vikings?
I do indeed, I’ve not watched the new season yet though, I’d rather watch it all at once on a lazy day haha

Fun fact: I actually sent in an application to star in it/be a background part but turned out the application was only for people who lived in Ireland 🙁

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