In case you want to familiarise yourself with Dutch culture and experience the finest Hardstyle and Hardcore, all at the same time, we have gathered the top six Kingsday & Kingsnight events of this year to feed your festival-FOMO! Check ‘em out below!


What is Kingsday?

Reading this you might be asking yourself – what are the Dutch actually celebrating at Kingsday? Easy! They celebrate the birthday of their king Willem-Alexander, who was born 27 April 1967. From 1949 to until 2013 the holiday was called “Queensday” and celebrated on the 30th of April, Queen Juliana’s Birthday – her Daughter, Beatrix (Willem-Alexander’s mother) – kept the tradition in her mother’s honour and for decades the 30th of April had been “Queensday”. Confused already? Well if the holiday fell on a Sunday, the fun-loving Dutch moved it to a Saturday, which already happened several times over the course of the last decades and the night before Kingsday is called Kingsnight. So, what do the Dutch do on Kingsday? Well – party! All over the country people celebrate, wear orange, wave dutch flags, go to events and have their traditional open flea market. Next to scoring cool second-hand stuff, you will be able to see parades, go to festivals (like the ones in our list below), join all kinds of activities and learn a good bit about Dutch culture. Thinking of joining the festivities? We got you covered! Enjoy our list of six Hardstyle-themed Kingsday parties and join the “Orange Madness”!

Supersized Kingsday

supersizedArguably the biggest Hard Dance party out there on Kingsday, Supersized Kingsday features a line-up that will excite Hardcore, Hardstyle and Freestyle lovers alike. But wait, there’s more! There’s also a Uptempo stage and an Oldschool stage and: it’s on a beach!

Supersized Kingsday:

Beat The Bridge

BeatTheBridgeBeat The Bridge is held at the John Frost bridge in Arnhem and features a Kingsnight and Kingsday edition, just in case one day of ‘Orange Madness’ with a Hardstyle flavour isn’t enough for you. With three stages on both days the ‘gezelligheid’ won’t stop ’till you drop!

Beat The Bridge Kingsnight / Kingsday:

Kingsland Amsterdam & Kingsland Maastricht

kingsnightFeaturing stages from Deep House to Hardstyle, Kingsland wins the diversity factor award this year! The editions in Maastricht and Amsterdam feature a single Hardstyle Stage each and are the perfect fit for any Hardstyle fan with a softer side!



Royaal Kabaal

royaalkabaalRoyaal Kabaal is coming at you with two stages AND an afterparty this year! The perfect fit for anyone who wants to rage in orange all day and night long. Held in Zaandam, the daytime celebrations are first being held Balkenhaven and the Afterparty will be held at the legendary North Sea Venue.

Royaal Kabaal:


Qings Of The Night

qingsQ-Dance is chiming in on the Kingsday madness this year as well with a party at the legendary Warehouse Elementenstraat. With a star-studded line-up this small Q-Dance event will surely be one for the books! Tickets are selling fast, so you better grab yours soon!

Qings Of The Night:


Hardfest – The Hardest Kingdom

joey_2307-1024x682With Hardfest, the “Hardest Kingdom” returns to Enschede! With three stages featuring Rawstyle, Euphoric and Hardcore its definitely THE place to be in the Dutch east! Fun fact: According to their FAQ there are a lot of young mums on location.



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