Syndicate 2015 Review
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The hardest indoor event in Germany – true words by Organizer I-Motion. It is that time of the year again, where about 20.000 people gather to celebrate the harder style on four floors. It’s time for Syndicate, which was held on 5th of October in the Westfalenhalle Dortmund.

Hardcore fanatics, classic lover, techno dudes and our loved hardstyle fellows are about to celebrate the hardest night of the year and a grand hardstyle and hardcore event in Germany. Again, it proved that hardstyle and hardcore in Germany has its solid fan base and that I-Motion is able to be on a same level as Art Of Dance, Bass Events and even bigger organizer like b2s or Q-Dance!

Well, they have to, since they belong to SFX, right? 

Masters Of Hardcore 

The absolute grandmaster in hardcore returns to its favorite German location. Since the birth of the monstrous SYNDICATE, Masters of Hardcore fulfilled the sonic wish of all German hardcore supporters.

The 9th edition holds an exceptional line-up of only the best and hardest hardcore artists. Be prepared to be pushed to the utmost limits in underground sound as the worlds leading hardcore master takes over!

Angerfist Live
Korsakoff & Re-Style Live
Neophyte Records Allstars Live
Destructive Tendencies
Noize Suppressor vs. Outblast
Dr. peacock
Negative Audio Live
Thorax Live
MC Da Watcher


What a massive line-up! Even as a hardstyle lover, this was pretty stunning, especially because of all the live acts and the first appearance of neophyte Records Allstars at Syndicate.

My very first event ever was Syndicate 2012! I remember it very well, I was a little kid, 16 years old and fully pumped about this event! I went together with my buddy, partner in crime and my girlfriend, we really had a blast. Like seriously! I had a headache for about one week. Back in the time I really had no clue about the different genres, I just knew the popular tracks, but anyway it was awesome!

Okay, back into the present, this year I really wanted to discover different sets. So I switched between the hardstyle and hardcore area. Sadly, our hardcore dude wasn’t there – he may could have told you more about the sets.  So, I went to Korsakoff vs. Re-Style. I have to admit, I really had fun.

It was a nice set, 30 minute long and packed with dozens of edits. But the main aspect why I did like the set, they played a lot of normal radio tracks in a hardcore remix. So even if I did not know any hardcore track I could sing along with thousands around me. I think this made the set really worth to listen to!

Of course I needed to see Dyprax, who was responsible for this year’s anthem. I did not know any track and it was hard for me to start dancing, because the set did not trigger this specific feeling which will make you go crazy or even move your ass.

But it was better when I visited Angerfist Live. Holy shit! It was a crazy 30 minutes ride, packed with his best tracks in a continuous mix, without any break! Furthermore the crowd went nuts and the show underlined the massive performance. Hell yeah Listen to sound of my shotgun – BOOM! Awesome track by the way.


Last act I did experience in the main hall was Destructive Tendencies. Since I heard them live at Dominator I can’t get enough of their unique kick. It sounds really cool. But sadly this set was not as good as the one from Dominator. Additionally, many people left in their set, so it kind of lost its drives, also because of the long breaks in between.

But all in all I was satisfied with the sets I heard and discovered. The vibe was very nice in the main hall and the sick show made you feel really comfortable and entertained.

Rough Zone 

Devastating kicks and profound percussion are the ingredients for this superior hard techno recipe. The sound that was founded in Germany has been a loyal element for SYNDICATE since day one. This year the Rough Zone will be presented like the most dedicated soldier demands. Pure, brutal and penetrating noise will lead the way.

BMG Live
O.B.I & Viper XXL
Candy Cox
Arkus P. Live
Zahni Live
Andi Teller


Hardstyle Kingdom

From straight in your face brutality to extreme euphoria, here you enter the hall of hardstyle. Hardstyle has been evolving the last years and the ruler will guarantee a legion of only the most damaging representatives. Epic melodies and screaming screeches will be followed by ground shaking drums. Enter the kingdom and worship the decree of hardstyle.

Radical Redemption
Sub Sonik & Artifact
Digital Punk
MC Nolz


The typical, but solid Art Of Dance & Most Wanted Dj Agency Line-Up. The rougher sounds will definitely take over this night. Thankfully, we have a Frontliner in between and since I love his music it wasn’t the worse choice, I was satisfied with the Line-Up, although they could really bring something special in between. Why is there no live act in the hardstyle kingdom? Anyway, let’s take a look at the sets I went to.

Starting with Frontliner, I can’t say more than it was nice, as always! Most of people say, if you discover a Frontliner set once, you discovered every Frontliner set – guess what? I don’t give a fuck! Although his tracklist is pretty similar in every set, it is still highly enjoyable, because his tracks are awesome! Travelling through time with the Defqon.1 anthem or the Q-base anthem and relive the Summer of Frontliner – very uplifting set and the moment he played Loud, which is my favorite euphoric track in 2015 I just went wild on the dance floor!

Back on time after I went to the hardcore floor for Radical Redemption. I was kind of confused, he played very early, but thankfully he gave its best and did not hold anything back. What a beast on stage, playing an insane set! I kind of have the feeling that his new album will be the best we had this year. So many crazy and awesome tracks. I really can’t name all the tracks he played, but The Spell Of Sin still gives Goosebumps all over! One big, phat kick after another, finishing his set with hardcore, he set the bar high for the following artists.


Digital Punk was about to play and nothing to add to his performance. I already mentioned this in my I Am Hardstyle review – he had an amazing year and his latest production were very nice. I just came back near the end of E-Force set. So I asked my buddy, what he did think about the E-Force set. Well, he normally don’t like E-Force, but he told me it was a really nice and diverse set – yeah, I was kind of amazed!

Last set of the night for us – Warface! Do I need to say more than he just finished up the set with 15 minutes of pure and rough industrial hardcore? Guess that says it all! But also tracks like Mutilate & Destroy, which is my favorite raw track this year, Warzone, which has still one of the craziest kicks out there or his Show Me Your Warface 2.0 Dj tool!

All of them at least pitched to 160 BPM created an insane vibe, gave you shivers and made you lose control! Dancing your ass off with the last diehards was so fun! I can’t wait to discover him live again – also I’m very curious about his collab with High Voltage! Yeah, judge me, I’m a Warface fanboy.

Classic District

This new area will be presented by the enormous demand of many SYNDICATE fans! From 130 to 200 BPM, this is the sphere where the beats of the old days echo into eternity. Early-Rave, early hardcore and the power of classics are in control here. 90’s memories return and can be re-lived at the brand new Classic District.

Menthal Theo
Predator & Buzz Fuzz
Bass Alert
MC Syco


Show, Stage & Design

I-Motion, I really can’t say something negative! You really delivered an awesome, like the really awesome show and built one of the best Indoor stages I’ve seen so far!

The Masters Of Hardcore main stage just looked like it’s coming straight from another planet and galaxy. It looked like the back from a mother ship of an advanced technology alien race! Additionally, it looked just massive, if you stood right in front of it!

Packed with some turbine looking builds and lots of LED screens it really delivered the feeling and atmosphere you imagined from the trailer and artwork. Although I missed the last touch, it was the best Syndicate stage so far and definitely on the same level with Hardbass or Reverze this year!


The other floors were probably way smaller and just decorated with some lights, spots and LED stripes in the back. Not even the Hardstyle Kingdom offered at least one laser, which was pretty sad – that could have been better! All in all nothing spectacular or worth to mention.

So except for the areas, besides the main hall, the show and also the sound was intense and beyond my expectations!


Definitely a must go, if you live in Germany, but also if you’re in love with hardcore and other harder styles. This year’s lineup offered some really cool acts and as long you’re not a Dutchie, Syndicate will be your event. Because .. going to X-Qlusive Holland on the same date as a non Dutch guy is not cool!

You always need to know: Syndicate’s main focus is hardcore. The show was absolutely massive and I’m still impressed when I see the main stage. I would not recommend Syndicate if you just want to listen to hardstyle.

Yes, it’s nice, but there are better opportunities, at least one week later or earlier or even on the same day. Because of the different areas the ticket price is worth it. The price for food and drinks is normal, but next year I would wish for a larger variety. Syndicate stroke again with an insane edition and we really can’t wait for next year!

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