This Saturday we will set sail towards the Heineken Music Hall once again. Q-dance presents another X-Qlusive. It is time to place a well-esteemed producer in the spotlight. It’s time for X-Qlusive B-Front! But, what can we expect? Let’s have a look at this event.

Bob van der Palen, alias B-Front, did start producing during his childhood years. He was really fanatic with producing in his neighbour’s studio. Starting with Trance music in the beginning, Bob did decide to focus on Hard Dance Music after a few years. B-Front is known for his dark and magical sounds, but always with a melodic twist, a brilliant kick, and spooky vocals. Altogether his tracks never fail!

You can still witness the trance influences in B-Front’s tracks. In 2006, B-Front was on everybody’s radar. Bob was ready to conquer the scene. With his dark and illustrious sound, he did produce many tracks with the same stunning vibe. The X-Qlusive will be a ride through the musical career of B-Front. We are ready! Let’s have a look at the timetable and mark some promising acts!

At 23:00 Jones & Luna will open the main area with an 1-hour act. Luna is always a good choice to warm up the audience. Think about Radical Redemption – The One Man Army or Freaqshow 2015. We start heavy and probably go back in time as well. Luna & Jones will go full throttle!


At 00:00 B-Front will kick off his event with the opening show, until 00:45. We recommend everybody to be in the Heineken Music Hall at this time because you don’t want to skip the opening! Q-Dance shows are always great!

After B-Front’s 45-minute set, he plays under alias 2SIDEZ together with Jaimy Ernste for 15 minutes. 15 minutes is a bit weird. But I think we can expect some really old school tracks from the start of B-Front’s music career.

From 1:00 until 2:30 it is time for an A2 Records take over! B-Front will be assisted by Adaro, Digital Punk and the Alpha2. Expect tracks like ‘For the streets’, ‘Whiplashed’ and the new banger by Alpha2 ‘Willow Wally’! This will be total madness, so don’t miss it!

Alpha2 - Willow Wally

Who went to Hard Bass 2014? Then you will remember one of the best sets of the night. B-Frontliner! This special act will take over at 2:30 until 3:00. We can’t wait for Magic and 10.000 stars!

B-Frontliner - Magic

Let’s have a look at the Beatbox area. From 1:00 till 2:00 Prefix & Density will take over this talented area. Did you already listen to their latest track called ‘Just a memory’? Well, if you didn’t, listen to the preview down below. This track is truly epic. A must hear! At 3:00 Requiem is ready to ‘Take the hit’ at the Beatbox stage. We love that track. He always plays the best and hardest tracks. If you like it loud, then go to the talent stage for sure.

Prefix & Density - Just a memory

Let’s go back to the main area. Around 3:00 the Donkey Rollers will play some classic tunes. So do you prefer the classics above the roughness of Requiem? Then stay in the main area. The Donkey Rollers will be followed by B-Front, Zany and The Pitcher – Fusions leading artists. And remember B-Front was signed at Fusion for quite a long time. We are curious what these guys will bring us! From classics, euphoric, and raw to even freestyle? We’ll see!

At 4:30 the new label Roughstate will set foot behind the decks. Ran-D will turn up the heat. For sure we will hear Firestarter, and maybe some new Gunz for Hire tracks … or at least some present G4H tracks? After Ran-D, the brutal combination B-Freqz will trash the place! Get ready for an overdose over crazy melodies assisted by powerful kicks! Maybe we can hear some new tunes from the Medium Rare album by Frequencerz as well!


Of course, there is always an ending at every event. The ending sounds promising. B-front will be assisted by High Voltage from 6:00-7:00. B-Front and High Voltage did hit the studio a few times so we are curious what the results are! During the act High Voltage will transform into Nosferatu and we will even witness some hardcore! The hardcore will drain our last bits of energy. After the final kicks, the event has come to an end. We are ready? Are you?! For now check the previews below and get into the mood for X-Qlusive B-Front!

B-Front - Dark Moon

B-Front - Our Soul

B-Front - Dream World



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