Festival Fashion – The Crazy & The Cool of Defqon.1

Pretty in pink! These two friends rocked a classic look!This Weekend Warrior rocked a cut-off, similar to the ones in Metal culture. We're digging this type of (sub)cultural appropriation!It doesn't always have to be too crazy though!Onesies never fail! In the cold Defqon.1 weather, this guy surely kept warm (and the hugs most likely helped too)!Mario's Princess is on another dance floor - with Luigi.This neon green and black outfit was absolutely top! The braids are a good idea for easy-to-maintain festival hair!Morphsuits! We all love them!All-over-print hoodies are a true eyecatcher!Open the door, Hardstyle on the floor. Everybody walk the dinosaur!Need more inspiration for a crazy group outfit? These neon bros knew how to do it!Not on the picture: her friend with a matching outfit! We love it!These highly psychedelic pants were way too cool!Another cyber-inspired look! The Doc Marten's boots were a great pick for the rainy Defqon.1 weather!Sometimes just a few details can make a wicked outfit! We love the shirt and face paint!Mr. Puta? Is that you? A crazy suit for raving in style!A more toned down, but still very colourful look on these two!

Who else loves Festivals like Defqon.1 because they’re one of the few occasions in a year where you can dress how ever the fuck you want? We sure do! It doesn’t matter if you show up in a neon bikini at 20°C or a Pikachu onesie, as long as you’re having a good time. Coordinated group outfits, crazy morphsuits, face paint, costumes – at a festival like Defqon.1 everything is allowed! We roamed the holy grounds and tried to capture the best of the best of creative, crazy and colorful outfits! Enjoy!

Pictures by Sara Ghafouri

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