Crazy We R are the new hype on the social media with their facebook live sessions, where they play their favorite tunes and share their passion for Hardstyle with their fans online and they perform as a duo. Anna and Fabien show a very unique way to appreciate Hardstyle ‘Live’ using various themes to each of their show. Though they also had the chance to perform at a few festival around Belgium and Holland last summer, they also played recently at one of the most notorious club in Europe for Hardstyle ‘Complex Cap’tain’ where they played in front of a packed and hectic crowd.

We had the pleasure to greet them at the Mag and get to know who are these Crazy frenchies that shake the social medias with their amazing live sets that even get djs like Pat B or Crisis Era addicted to every one of their shows, like fatties when they see a box of twix left in a middle of a forest.16-092 P02 LRHello Anna & Fabien, it’s so great to have you here today ! How are you guys doing?

Anna: Hey! I’m all good thanks!

Fabien: Hey hey! Doing great and we are delighted to be here today !:D

You are the new hype on facebook with your live shows and everybody is delighted by your style when you both perform. First of all, how did you guys come up with this idea of playing a set live on facebook?

Anna: I discovered hardstyle a few years ago, and it rapidly became a passion. I feel the urge to dj and I love to mix together with Fabien. Sharing our passion for Hardstyle with is really what drives us to keep going this way. We had this idea of doing a live on facebook one sunday where we were both at home where we were a bit bored.

We had nothing to do and at that time Facebook had made it possible to make ‘live’ videos. We talked about it and thought that maybe other people online on facebook had nothing to do on their sundays. People come back from festivals, or they come back home after a lunch with their family or simply just chill on sundays. That’s why we decided to make a mix around 4.30pm! 🙂

Fabien: Well for me, passion is also the pleasure to meet new people, either fans or artists, it doesn’t really matter. In our first lives, we tried to share our show on many Hardstyle groups so people could see what we were all about and, we were really pleased with how things were going really. People started to follow us more and more and eventually we decided to stop sharing on groups and just focus on our facebook page.

We were delighted to see that the number of people following us didn’t decrease, but rather increase even more ahah! People are commenting and sharing what we do and we always like to spend a few hours to chat with them. You know it feels like we are like kids opening their presents during Christmas time ahah

And why did you chose to play Hardstyle?

Anna: Simply because it’s a style that matches our personality to us both. It has rhythm, it’s melodic and you have loads of emotions in it. Fortunately we like the same style of music ahah!

Fabien: Yes that’s right, it’s really a music style that matches us. We love this music man! It gives us shivers and we have blast every time and that’s why we like to share!

Aside from ‘Crazy We R’ you both work as special education workers in France. Can you a little bit describe what does your job consist about?

Anna: I’m however a special ed teacher and I work with mentally disabled students and students that have trouble with their social life. Sometimes I also work with physically disabled students or with children that have multiple disabilities and so on. My job with them consists in teaching them the basic notions so they can live by themselves and find a job when they finish school. It’s not an easy job and I could keep talking about it for hours. It requires a very strong psychological mindset. You have to be able to part things that you hear or see everyday at work and your private life.

Fabien : I’m also a special ed teacher but I’m specialized in ironwork and soldering. My job is a little bit different from Anna’s as I’m there to prepare them becoming professional solderers. I’m a very creative person and I always find original ideas to teach them what I know about this job. For instance I make iron sculptures with them to make them appreciate what they do. Put I always keep in mind that not all of my young students don’t have the same skills required for this job, I try to make activities adapted to them. At the same time I help them to find a good psychological balance. As Anna said it earlier, you have to know how to part things with your professional life and your private life. And with Crazy We R we have reached that perfect balance.

That is an amazing job, as you help people in need to fight with their everyday problems, and beyond that, you give them hope to achieve their dreams in life. Have you ever tried to make your students listen to Hardstyle?crazy-we-r-artwork-1Anna: Well to be honest I don’t do that. I mean not with this public. I would rather keep somehow a professional distance with my students. It’s easy to lose your credibility especially with this ‘crazy & cool’  side of Hardstyle. Things can spin out of control pretty fast.  

Fabien : I think the same as Anna, even though some of my students found our facebook page. When it happens, I go and speak with them in person. I try to make them understand to keep this as a secret and not shout it everywhere. When you think about it it’s like living a double life like Indiana Jones ahah !:)

Well, that is a very unique way to share Hardstyle. You don’t expect anything in return and give so much!
Anna & Fabien : Well, you know, that who we are! We never expect anything in return, we are here to live the moment and enjoy the goods things of life!

Now I’m also wondering what ‘Crazy We R’ stands for for you guys? What is the meaning behind this logo?

Anna: Well, I can say that’s a long story! At the beginning of Crazy We R I didn’t know how to dj, and Fabien was helping me to learn the delicate art of mixing. But as we were already playing as a duo, I decided to dance (with hoops and clubs and etc) in front of the dj booth while Fabien was playing. We used to wear venetian masks too.. And yeah I guess it came from there. ‘Crazy IAM’ was our first name. Crazy because of the masks and  IAM for Innovation Art & Music. Eventually we changed it to ‘Crazy We R’ as we are now a team ! ahah!

Fabien: Yeah you had to think about it ahah! Anna then became better at mixing and that was the moment where we decided to change our name into Crazy We R and created new t-shirts for this new ‘identity’. We wear the same t-shirt and also now the same shoes!

Since you have started playing live on facebook, the number of fans on your page and outside hasn’t stopped to grow. People really love what you are doing and I’m curious to know what is your secret to reach so many people every time you perform live?

Anna: Simple things, passion, to smile, complicity  and the love to share our passion of music with other people. We always try to make something original for every live shows. It can go from the scene, how we dress, how the presentation and etc !

Fabien: We always prepare our sets and sometimes we spend a lot of time on them. I think it’s crucial that what we do tells something, like a story. The goal is to show that this very story evolves throughout our set and becomes more and more dynamic so that the fans get hooked to the show!  

The fact that you have also your own moves when you play, and this ‘family vibe’ attitude a little bit like the Da Tweekaz (but cooler because you guys are french :D) is something that the fans really value. Do you think that djs should sometimes spend a little more time with their fans rather than rushing straight to the hotel after a gig? crazy-we-r-artwork-fb-soundcloudAnna: Yes, I believe it’s very important to keep your fans happy as it is thanks to them that the dj’s are who they are. All the more as it’s always a pleasure to take pictures with your fans ! 🙂

Fabien: Yes, absolutely, it’s really important to be close with with your fans and share things with them. When we are playing, we love to party we them too, and by that I mean letting him sing and we love to make moves going along with what they do! Although every time it happens we have massive goosebumps. We need that proximity with the public as we drain our energy and dedication from there!

As I mentioned earlier in the description part, you have tied a good friendship with  Pat B who is a super fan of Crazy We R. Can we expect to see you play in the future with him in one of your shows on stage?

Anna & Fabien: Maybe… 😉

You are also starting to produce tracks. Can you give us a little bit more hints about we can expect from this ?

Anna: We have the chance to work a lot on our production thanks to our work that allows us to have the same holidays as our students. Our first track is almost done !:) We are currently working on second track.

Fabien: We also try to find our identity through production. Our style must match to our Crazy We R style! We don’t want to create music that sound like another. That’s why it takes us a little bit longer to create music.

If you had to be signed at one label, which one would you choose?

Anna: Our dream would be to be signed at…. DIRTY WORKZ! This is this Belgian label lead by Coone that we aim to join one day. We love this label as most of the artists that are signed with it have a very accessible style and have each their own style.

Fabien: But of course, we still have a long road ahead of us to get there. 🙂

Where can we see you perform this year? When is your next live show on facebook planned?

Anna: For the live shows on facebook, we do this once a month on sunday around 4.30 pm.This month we intend to do it this sunday 26th of February at 4.30 pm.

Fabien: All our booking are on our facebook page. Make sure you check them if you want to attend one of our shows!:)

Our next bookings are:
– March 3rd 2017 (Châtillon-Sur-Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France),
2017 (Montmirail, Champagne-Ardenne, France),
– May 20th 2017 (Strasbourg, France).

That was amazing to have you at the Mag Anna & Fabien, the whole Hardstyle Mag crew wishes you the absolute best for your career in Hardstyle and hope that more people will start doing the same as you do, as helping others through music is one of the most beautiful way to share one’s passion. Thank you for your time!

Anna & Fabien : It was a real pleasure for us too! Although we are still a bit surprised by having been interviewed by Hardstyle Mag to be honest ahah! But once again  we are absolutely delighted have done it!:) Thank you so much for your support!

See you soon Crazy friends!;)

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