It began with Headhunterz posting a picture where he sits next to the two twins: Jeroen & Martijn aka Sound Rush with a quote ‘The music that comes from within ‘. For those who haven’t followed the full story going along with HARD with STYLE: Hardstyle legend Headhunterz formally produced the show. As Headhunterz started to explore boundaries by experimenting with a wider range of music genres, he handed over the show to Audiofreq, who has until then served us with many quality episodes in which he showcased the wide variety of the spectrum that hard dance has to offer. As 2016 was a year of surprises, 2017 started with many changes including Sound Rush taking over the HARD with STYLE podcast. 

Episode 61 | HARD with STYLE | Presented by Sound Rush

Sound Rush was responsible for an amazing 60th and 61st episode already, that has brought people back to what HARD with STYLE was formally known for: quality Hardstyle music produced from the heart and offering a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their music on. 

Their debut releases on the label ”The Final Enemy” and ”Gods” climbed the charts to the number one position rapidly, we can expect the same for ”Back To The Roots”, which will be released on HARD with STYLE Records the 13th of March. 

Today, we had the chance to catch up with Headhunterz and Sound Rush about the takeover of the HARD with STYLE podcast. 

Welcome to Hardstyle Mag guys! It’s an honour to have you here today! How are you doing?
We are doing very well! Especially now we have this interview with you guys ;)! We hope you guys are fine too. 

HARD with STYLE is a unique show. It has its own philosophy of presenting tracks and creating a mythical atmosphere. Most of the people remember the good old HARD with STYLE podcasts where you could picture this overwhelming Skyrim-like show, with Headhunterz voice wishing “Hey there, or should I say .. Ohw Ohw Ohw, I’m Headhunterz and you are listening to HARD with STYLE… Enjoy my unfinished tribute to the best game ever made… This is Dragonborn!“. Of course, everybody has its different idea of the show.

What comes to your mind when you’re listening to HARD with STYLE?
To be honest, the exact same thing comes into our minds like you guys just mentioned. The biggest and the best hardstyle tracks came to life because of this podcast. Remembering Headhunterz tracks Dragonborn, Reignite and Weekend Warriors by Frontliner to name a few. 

Last months you released two amazing 60th and 61st episodes, and many people on the social media were delighted by renewing with the good old feeling they had when listening to the podcast in the old days. How did you manage to get that feeling back?
Thank you! We are so happy to hear that you guys liked the first 2 episodes on our command. First, hosting the show is a huge honour and everything we do is based on feelings. Like Headhunterz always said; music that comes from within. As we are dedicated listeners from the very first episode, we know what the vision of HARD with STYLE is and we just want to give that feeling again to the people.   

We have seen you guys taking pictures with the legend himself. Headhunterz has always been an overseer to dig the future talents in Hardstyle. What is your feeling when he gives you the keys to ensure the future of HARD with STYLE?
It’s a huge honor as Headhunterz is and has always been our biggest inspiration. Besides that, we were true listeners from HARD with STYLE since day one. It gives us a lot of motivation and self-confidence that we are asked to host this special podcast.  BankPeople love Sound Rush for their ability to merge both past and nowadays Hardstyle. Every time I saw you guys playing live, you were bringing back that ‘Good-old day’ feeling with a lot of Headhunterz tracks. You have also teased us a lot with some of your unreleased tracks that have that 2008-2009 vibe. Why are you guys so nostalgic about this Golden Area?
Because we grew up with hardstyle in 2008. We’ve been to a lot of hardstyle parties during those times and we just loved those vibes. Great memories were made during those years and that’s why we have a special connection with hardstyle from 2008-2010.  

Aside from your passion of the golden days, you are also masters in the delicate art of producing euphoric Hardstyle. People absolutely love what you do, and I must admit, even our rawest fans at the Mag can’t help but feeling the ‘Rush’ when listening to your tunes. Can we expect HARD with STYLE to follow a more melodic path?
We are pleased to hear that! To answer your question to expect a more melodic path from HARD with STYLE: Yes, if we feel that the music comes from within. It doesn’t matter if that would be ‘’raw’’ ‘’psy’’ or euphoric hardstyle as long as the HARD with STYLE feeling is there. We can already tell you, that some really cool releases are coming up soon! 

HARD with STYLE is also known to offer a darker part, with more aggressive and rougher melodies at the end of the show. You respected that balance to perfection with previewing some new ‘rawstyle’ tracks last episodes, where you premiered a track produced with the rawstyle goddess; Deetox. Can we see more collabs of this kind in the future shows?
Yes, that’s for sure! We are working on a harder track with Deetox and we almost finished our collab with DJ Isaac which will be a track with that real summer festival feeling in it.

Headhunterz used to introduce some young talents like Adrenalize, D-Clear and The Anarchist to name a few. They were not very famous back then and turned some of them as true legends. Can we expect you guys to introduce new talents to this show as well?
Yes, you can! We think it’s important to give new talents a chance in the scene. At the moment, we really like the music of Retrospect. A blend between the old and the new hardstyle. We are also working on a track with Russian talent Betavoice. More info about that track very soon! 😉 SoundrushquotehardstylemagHARD with STYLE was also known to share all the dedication of its fan, by posting pictures of them supporting their favourite show. Can we see that happen again?
In the near future, you can expect us to bring that back into the show. We think it’s important to see that HARD with STYLE is an important part of people’s lives and for those people it’s cool to see their own dedication in the show.

Finally, can we expect another X-Qlusive HARD with STYLE  one day?
Hopefully! Would be a dream to play b2b with Headhunterz and do a special HARD with STYLE set haha. For now, we can only dream of that moment. 😉 

It was with uttermost pleasure to have you at the Mag today Jeroen and Martijn. Thank you for what you have brought us so far. Hardstyle is evolving and finding new routes with STYLE thanks to opened minded captains like you. 

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