New music is available every day. Today we take a look at the freshest and hottest tunes in store! What does the hard dance scene has to offer today? We went through the shops and searched for the latest/best music of the first two weeks of March. Furthermore we present you the Hardstyle Mag team’s favorite track, the community’s current top 3 and the current top “break through your comfort-zone” track! Also, again we got something great to check out for you and one hell of a golden oldie!

1. Frequencerz & Bass Chaserz – Renegades

Already mentioned in our previous release check as one of the community’s top 3, Renegades by Frequencerz & Bass Chaserz are finally in store and of course in our Top 5 list! This track seriously has it all. Such a remarkable melody and lead sound. The track has a great tempo and drive, however it could have been designed slightly smoother in our opinion. But that’s our objective rating. We still enjoy this track so much! Frequencerz are on a serious roll – their next banger The Unknown is just around the corner!

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2. Endymion – Welcome To The Darkness

I never heard such an intense, mystic, disturbing and at the same time atmospheric main part lately, as in Welcome To The Darkness by Endymion. The story breaks down the current situation in our society, people are addict to their smartphones. It’s the first thing we do, the last thing we do before going to bed – do we slowly lose our social awareness? After these amazing vocals, the bright, slightly screechy main lead guides the listener through a great first climax. After a short break, the second climax comes up with an insane drive, caused by an awesome side chain effect.

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3. Sub Sonik – Strike One (Album)

If there is one artist, who brought some stable & solid releases over the past month its Sub Sonik. He sticks to his unique style, raw, melodic, quality hardstyle. A new step in his career: Strike One, his very first album. It contains 18 tracks with collabs with some great names like Digital Punk or Deetox. Furthermore, it contains remixes by Delete, Destructive Tendencies or Tha Playah. We suggests to give it a try, even if you’re not into raw that much.

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4. Apexx – AK-47

Something slightly different I’d say. Apexx came up with this crazy release. If you listen to it for the very first time, it rather sounds like a hardcore track. Pitch the intro to 175 BPM and you have a pretty solid hardcore baseline. However, I think the track even works at the given speed. The track is very short, at sound so fucking dirty and kind of feels so rusty. Some pretty crazy raw hardstyle here. One part I need to give some credits here: the break of the climax part: Insane job! I just sounds like your shooting with an AK-47.

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5. Sound Rush – Back To The Roots

Holy hell, Sound Rush are on fucking fire! Another great release here. Back To The Roots is all about that old school vibe. With a sick reverse bass, the track starts promising. The main part is driven by great female vocals by Eurielle and has some sort of … old touch? I always have a knight in my mind or scenes from Lord of The Rings & Game of Thrones. The melody is very catchy, simple, but somehow highly enjoyable. Especially the second climax part with melody and vocals together is a true highlight. If they keep if with the music like now, these guys will have a great year!

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Hardstyle Mags current favorite

Audiotricz – Let There Be Light
Alright, back at our top pick for this half of the month! Hardstyle Mag’s current favorite is: Audiotricz with Let There Be Light! Great release, premiered at Qlimax 2016. We really like the melody and the vocal part. It’s catchy and it is over all a great release, which has been stuck in our head. However, the very weak and disappointing intro part, caused this track not to be in the Top 5 list above. I wonder what the intro would sound like with a sick Psytrance baseline!

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Avana – Nothing Like The Oldschool
This is one hell of a quality hardstyle release! Avana with Nothing Like The Oldschool sets the bar high, with this great release. Old school vibes all the way. A sick reverse bass intro, with this specific lead sound, nearly all older songs had, a great main part and a really cool melody. It feels kinda old, but with the rather modern kick it sounds very fresh at the same time.

Break through your comfort zone

Code Black – Pandora (Psy Edit)
Okay, I think this might makes you argue in the comments “Wtf is that”, but I don’t care! It#s still different and radically different to the original one. This tune, this edit is so awesome. I just love it. At the same time it shows what Hardstyle can do different to stay interesting, but without loosing its core DNA. I really do like the intro part and the slightly different melody. Pandora is one of my absolute favorite song and I’d say: Rather don’t touch it! But, whoever made this edit, did it goooood. Btw: The Psytrance part is from Vini Vici – The Tribe!

Code Black - Pandora (Psy Edit)

Golden Oldie

Psyko Punkz – Beyond Belief (Reverze Anthem 2012)
And because last weekend Reverze Interconnected took place, I want back in time and found this amazing anthem for Reverze 2012. I think it’s a great time to present you Beyond Believe by Psyko Punkz, as he also announced a new album at Reverze. It’s not an anthem with a crazy drive like Interconnected f.e. , but .. lean back and enjoy the melody!

The community’s Top 3

Vyral – Gripless
Pretty much everyone mentioned this track or the EP in their Top 3. Vyral  just released an EP with three tracks on Spoontech Records: Gripless, Symbiote and Oblivion. Heavy kicks incoming!! And believe me, they are sick as fuck! I listened to all three tracks and all of them are unique in their way. It’s a cool release you can check out. However, I think he still needs some practice when it comes to melodies. If he can combine his sound design with a Hardstyle Mafia melody f.e., the result could be pretty awesome!

Killshot – Beastmode
A new producer at End Of Line: Killshot! His first release Beastmode already hit the charts hard. The release pretty much shows in which direction he will go: aggressive raw hardstyle! I also think the kick sounds like a dirty N-Vitral kick. Or at least something in that direction.

Warface & D-Sturb – Pull The Killswitch & Frequencerz & Bass Chaserz – Renegades
I can’t help it, but … these two are again in the communty’s top 3! Seems like they are dominating the charts as well. I really tried to find other releases for this spot, but .. these are just the favorite releases in total! But, I can’t really say something against it: Pretty awesome releases here. And I bet Renegades will be in the charts for a long time.

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