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It doesn’t happen every day, that a club in Germany offers a full hardstyle line up for the night. Although a few organizers like Musical Madness are trying to bring the German fans some hardstyle to their favorite clubs, it’s still a minority. So, we’re always happy to see a nice line up in a German club like in Club Zak.

F*CK the valentines day!

If you have a quick look at the line up Club Zak offered us, it was a wet dream for all the raw lovers, who better like dancing to hard beats than watching romantic movies! You had the chance to see Act of Rage vs. Artifact, Requiem, Warface, E-Force, The Geminizers & Jason Payne – that’s a massive line up, for only 9€ entry.


Let’s start with the arrival. Club Zak is near the border to the Netherlands, so we expected some Dutch people as well! We arrived after a 3h road trip from Hamburg. The first act started at 12pm, we arrived at 11:30pm, so we had enough time to get us a fresh beer and get ready for the night.

The first impression of the club: It was really big! And it kind of looked like a big aquarium.

We left all our jackets in the car, because we had the chance to park near the entrance. We went up some stairs to enter the main hall, already hearing the stunning sound system, it was massive!

The first set was by Act of Rage vs. Artifact. Tracks like “Criminal”, “Lunar” or “The Rush” brought us and … well the service team and a few diehards into mood because the club was still empty. The floor was really big, and the sound was good, since the bass was pumping through the speakers without dominating the mids and highs.

With Fusion Records new talent Requiem on stage we expected a banging set with his new hits “Scream”, “Survivor” and of course “Killa Hilla”. We already had some beer when E-Force entered the stage and there you go, more and more people went into the main hall.

As always E-Force dropped his heavy bombs and old classics. The new collab with Digital Punk “My God” is a pretty nice track. But also “Open the Gates” or “Freakz at night” made the set complete. And of course the obligatory “Seven” at the end. But as always the people went crazy on this track, so did we!

It was time for one of my highlights – Warface! And he did it again, playing all his bangers, including his new track “H8ME”. It was a massive set and the crowd had no time to stop dancing.

Next up were The Geminizers, which was the first time I heard them. But it was again way too empty. We’ve been dancing with around 20-30 others because a lot of people already left after Warface.

Jason Payne did a great job as one of the last acts and tried to release all his power.

The show was actually pretty nice for a club. We had lasers, different spots and two huge strobes, implemented into the wall, separating the sound and light crew from the floor.

The service team was always polite and friendly and we had of course the chance to speak German!
We did an interview with Requiem and everything went well.

I personally liked the paying system. You get a card and the barkeeper just marks the current amount you have to pay on the card. After the event you pay at a checkout.

So, all in all we had a lot of fun! Club Zak is a great location and we want to see more hardstyle events over there! It definitely has the potential. But sadly there were too less people to set up a dazzling atmosphere and this special feeling while dancing with others was missing!

Maybe they should think about a mixed line up to attract more. 100 people more and the night would have been perfect!

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