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During all the pinkster madness we did wake-up early after a devistating rave at Fantasy Island to set sail towards Zwolle. For only 10,- you could witness the best and most talented DJ’s in the scene. High Energy Events are always beyond borders. With a pure and clean sound system, a low ticketprice, cool stages and isnane line ups they always bring hardstyle to another level. Let’s have a look at PINKSTEREO Day #2!

As mentioned the event did only cost 10,-. Our expectations were not that high, but High Energy Events did suprise us directly on first sight. We saw the stage, which was huge, seriously, on the pictures it might look small, but it wasn’t. Not a special design but it was immense for this low ticket price and a smaller event. There were huge banners, designed like a gigantic sound system. We did also spot the lasers and the great speaker system. High Energy Events is for sure one of the events that has a crazy sound system, so we coudn’t wait for the opening set. Let’s make some noise for Hardcraft.


Hardcraft did start playing with only a few early-adapters at the festival ground. There were young kids amongst them, since this was an all-age event. He did start with some early hardstyle tracks, which also did sound a bit like trance or hard trance. It was very original and cool to witness. Of course he also played some of his own tracks like D.Y.F, Ghostwalkers and his new track D.E.S.T.R.U.C.T.I.O.N. and his collab with Luna called ‘Tickin’. Closing his set with tracks like Fuck this Nation and The Aftermaterfuckers 2016 by Psycko Punkz he did really suprise us with this rough opening set. The area was getting packed, ready to unleash the rage, give it up for Act of Rage!

Act of Rage was entering the stage with 12 FU by Frequencerz, after that he played tracks like Boomstick, Spit on you (Act of Rage remix) and Brainstorm, which is still a sick track! He also played the Hard Driver – Hard Bass Mash-up, which is a true banger. Together with MC Nolz he performed Rage and Raging Reckless, MC Nolz just recovered from Fantasy Island as we did, celebrating his birthday at Pinkstereo while hosting the event. Thumps up for MC Nolz and again happy birthday!

Next in line was X-Pander and he was ready to wreck the area. Playing his track Dope Beat, which has such a brilliant drive, and Headshot the new track by The Geminizers, damn what a track! It was already 15:30. Time to check out the food and drink bars. There was only 1 bar at the event area itselve, but besides that there was a big area were you could get some food and drinks as well. There was also a High Energy Event booth, where you could buy merchandise of every High Energy Events event. For 20,- you did get 8 tokens, so 1 token for 2,50. For 1,5 tokens you could get some french fries or some snacks, for 2 tokens you could buy some fresh fruit. Jeah, the fresh fruit is still expensive at events. Almost all drinks were 1 token, of course wodka, redbull and water were a bit higher in token price. I really liked the idea of the seperate food area. You could still enjoy the music, but there was a lot of space to sit down and relax, but with a view on the stage.

At this point the volume did raise, pumping up the speakers for Crypsis! If you want to witness some mixing skills, Crypsis is your man! He did play tracks from his Reincarnation EP like Get Hit and Tuatura, he also played Crackin your Ribs, with that devistating kick, and Tchaikovsky on E, which we did hear often this day. He also played his classic tunes like Torture and the For The Streets remix by Regain. A crazy set again by Crypsis, who was giving the best he can, even after 3 sets at Fantasy Island yesterday, respect for this guy!


After Crypsis it was time for a 1,5 hour b2b set by Artifact and Jack of Sound, or as Nolz did mention them, Artifact of Sound (which sounds nice, haha!). Jack of Sound did start the set with his new track This is what i am, which has a feeling of O Fortuna, really like that! Their style somehow fit together and even some good old classics passed by like Hardstyle Masters – Les Phases, which was suprising! Furthermore, Lunar, Revenge, Harde dikke bass and I am god were played. They did end with some heavy stuff like Heavy Damage and a crazy mix by Jack of Sound, a mix between 911 and Drake – Hotline Bling, in a Hardcore version. They did destroy the packed area at this moment, raising the BPM and DB once again. Next in line was a proud member of Minus is More, give it up for Chain Reaction.

Chain Reaction did start with Angerfist – Blackness, pitched down to approx. 165 BPM, which was really sick! He also played Oldschool Style, Rage and Mean Machine – Euphoria (Chain Reaction remix), also Ghostwalkers by Hardcraft passed by and Rock Now by Adaro and B-Front. He played a perfect mix of hardcore, hardstyle and rawstyle.. At this moment the crowd went insane, they were ready for the ‘Beast’ of Minus is More, as Nolz mentioned. It wasn’t even evening, but ending his set with hardcore killed it. The sets became harder and harder, until they reached its peak during the next artist. Give it up for Radical Redemption Live!


Last time at Rebirth he mixed 32 tracks in 30 minutes. Our expectations were high, and we were not dissapointed he played 28 tracks in 30 minutes this time. He did play tracks from every album, from Brutal 1.0 till 5.0, from Wash Away till Repurcussion, at this moment we saw some kids arround the age of 6-8, on the shoulders of there parents and big boys brothers. Holyshit, they already knew all the tracks, and how to kick roll. You are never to young to learn, right? You see an all-age event has it sharmes as well. I was actually suprised that the crowd went insane like that. Maybe because they were not spoiled and can’t visit so many events at their age.

After Radical it was time for Sub Sonik vs D-Sturb. Sub Sonik did open the set with MF Psycho and Headbanger, They also played his remix of Outta my way, and the Malice remix by D-Sturb. These talents really gave there best, they are ready for the next step in their careers. Cool to see D-Sturb’s parents were visiting Pinkstereo.

Next in line is Warface, we did hope for some the 9 circles tracks and we did get some, think about Mutilate and Destroy, and Heretics. He also played some older tracks and his new banger together with Regain called Wakin’ up. Damn, we love that tune. The audience went total nuts. Slamming and kick rolling in the air, dancing like maniacs. The stage and especially the sound was highly enjoyable – the vibe of the crowd, surprisingly very good.


After Warface it was time for the final act of today. Give it up for the face of Hardcore, raise your fist for Angerfist! Ofcourse there were many kids who did visit Angerfist for the first time, but they knew every track and enjoyed it to the max. The area was still packed and going crazy, darkness falls and the lasers did there job. Angerfist played tunes from the Raise & Revolt album but also from the Deadfaced Dimension and some older tracks as well. It was a great set for closing down the event.

High Energy Events once again proved that you don’t need to organize an event with a high ticket price to deliver a grand event. Pinkstereo was beyond our expectations. For only 10,- you could have visited an event, which does not have to hide from bigger events. Well organized, fully packed, with an amazing sound system, and a great atmosphere. We can’t wait for the next High Energy Event, we recommend you to be there!

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