2020 was not even slightly the way we thought it would be. We were all so excited about our beloved festival season. Excited to have a summer full of music, party, joy and a bunch of new precious memories to put to the others.

Anna Ströhlein

Unfortunately, Covid-19 chrashed this party. Festivals were either canceled or postponed to 2021 hoping that events can take place this year.

As an answer to this crisis, a lot of event organizers started to broadcast live streams to give at least something in these hard times and to strengthen our feeling of unity.

We from HardstyleMAG started a survey to find out which stream you people out there liked best. Let’s check it out!

Special Ideas

It was not hard to tell who had won the survey- it was the DEFQON.1 stream that took place on our holy grounds. The creative heads behind it all thought of a lot of treats for us. There was a big interactive quiz with some really tough questions. Also there was the Warrior Workout, the Powerhour that was a bit different than we are used to and a big end show at which MC Villain found just the right words to cheer us up in these hard times. THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

The Era of Livestreams: Defqon.1 at Home setting 2020

But not only Q-Dance had thoughts of something special. The organizers from Mysteryland created a Livestream which didn’t have quite the variety that the DEFQON.1 stream had, but nevertheless, the scenery was amazing. The hot air balloons were definitely something special. The sets from the Djs got us all in the right mood and made us forget our worries just for a while.

Need it harder?

You like it a bit faster? Then I hope you didn’t miss the Thunderdome livestream, a truly savage festival of Hardcore music that took place in an old prison!

The Era of Livestreams: DRS at Thunderdome Live

And last but not least…

Tomorrowland. They broadcasted a virtual festival on new Year’s eve. Top DJs from all over the world and virtual stages that looked just fabulous brought the ultimate festival feeling to our living rooms. It was not for free, you had to purchase an online ticket, but a really cool party package for the party at home was included.


My friends, these are truly dark times, not only for our scene. But what does not kill us definitely makes us stronger. And one day we all come together again to celebrate life and music no matter which festival. We will party harder and enjoy everything more than ever. We will keep our spirits high! Together we are strong!

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