They are currently overtaking everything. Despite the absence of events, Sound Rush has found a way to entertain their fans in a very unique way. The new streaming concept, ‘The Great Escape’ is inspiring fans in a unique way and all around the globe. Time for Hardstyle Mag to talk to the brothers.

Manja Schlegel

Whilst most of us are still waiting silently till the pandemic is over, and the full festival live can take over again, this duo decided to walk a different path. New music, special remixes played during special streaming sessions at various lost places in Europe called ‘The Great Escape’ turns out be a huge success.

Hey Guys, nice to meet you and thanks for having us. Let’s directly start with the basic question No. 1 – Why did you start to produce Hardstyle?

It all began for us when we went to hardstyle parties as visitors. After a few years, we decided that we wanted to do the same as the DJ. Standing on the other side of the crowd.

Talking to Sound Rush: Lost Places for the Great Escape

Yes, I can totally understand – therefore the question – what do you associate with Hardstyle?

Energy.. forget the daily struggles and escape into this music as one family.

What we have always been questioning ourselves, is – how was the name Sound Rush created

First, it was called Sound Rusherz, back in 2008. We think we’ve found that name somewhere on the internet. Later on, when things got more serious we decided to change it into Sound Rush.

Ha, great to know. But what about yourself? What do you feel deep inside you when you perform on the stage and see all your fans in the crowd?

The feeling that you are living. Maybe it’s hard to explain.. you are getting so much energy from the crowd and we think that’s because you really want to express something from within.

Can you remember the very first performance in front of a larger audience? Where and when was it and can you describe your feelings?

Uhmm yes of course, we will never forget. Our first time performing for a very big audience was in 2014 when we played on the mainstage of Decibel. We had to open that stage and it was starting to get very packed when it started to rain heavily. Then almost all the people ran away because of the rain but still, before that moment it was very packed and the feeling was insane.

Talking to Sound Rush: Full party mood on stage with Ran-D

If you could make one wish – which artist would you pick for a collab?

That’s a difficult question because we can name a lot of artists that we want to collaborate with. We already did 2 songs with Headhunterz which is a dream coming true. We would love to make more with him. But if we need to name an artist which we haven’t made a track with it would be D-Block & S-te-fan

Well, that would be a dope collab. What is the story about the great escape?

It’s a livestream based concept on unique locations in Europe.

Can you tease a bit the upcoming editions?

That’s difficult haha because we really want to keep this information for ourselves. But we can tell you that we will do between 1 and 5 more editions.

Talking to Sound Rush: Official Artwork of The Great Escape Part II

If there is someone who might have a cool location as well, shall he contact you? 😊

Yes! All help is welcome 🙂

If you could describe yourself as an animal what would it be and why?

We think that would be a dog haha. Loyal, energetic and happy.

Is there a message you would like to send to your fanbase now?

Thank you for your support since day 1. Especially in these times when we can’t connect in real life it’s important. We will come back stronger and so we can’t wait to show you what we have in story the next months.

This was ‘ Talking to Sound Rush ‘ we thank you for your time, and hope to see you on stage soon again.

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