You want a few crazy days, far away from home, with your best friends, with awesome music, drinks, food, facilities and the party week of your life? Well, no problem boys and girls, there is one organizer, offering the solution – Yeah, I’m talking about Hard Island Festival!


What comes to your mind, when you think of the ultimate party experience within the harder styles? Probably of course all huge outdoor events such as Wish Outdoor, Decibel, Defqon.1, Intents Festival and many more. But after a few years in a row at the same event could be boring, right? Yes I know, the Line-up, theme and more is always different, but, and this is what I personally think, there is so much more to do and experience!

So, grab your best buddies and friends, go abroad to Croatia and celebrate Hard Island Festival with hundreds of fellows.


Experience amazing summer vibes while surrounded by two of Croatia’s most beautiful mountain peaks, crisp blue water and sunny skies. Location of Hard Island is what truly sets it apart from any other festival.

In this article I want to give you a quick overview about last year’s edition and I tried to write down what to expect from this year’s edition – we’re really excited, but are you?

Hard Island 2015

2015 was the very first edition of Hard Island festival, but already had a huge success. It was different, new and somehow interesting to most of the people.
The line up was huge, packed with different labels, brands and acts. We had Q-Dance, Hardcore Italia with a 20 years special, Dirty Workz and Unite Records, which brought you the ultimate line up. Huge names like Coone, Wildstylez, Code Black, Da Tweekaz, Mad Dog, Zatox, Kronos, Anime and Art of Fighters made you dance into the sunset.


Island of Pag is situated on the western part of the Croatian coast. Known for its moonscape appearance, sun bleached karst rock forms set the feeling of another planet, trapped between two mountain ridges, surrounded by clear blue sky and crystal blue water.

It leads me to one of the most important aspects – the weather and location. Croatia is beautiful and the party island Nr.1. Hot bikini babes, the shining sun, beautiful weather, a 1-km long beach, with a stunning view, already called the new Ibiza! Seriously, it was really one of a kind and was just awesome! The whole location is amazing on its own, the music and the people made it special.


The parties took place in a beach club, with a pool, the stage and a few lounger, a bar and the VIP area! But besides the beach club parties you could also visit the boat parties, which were even crazier. Just imagine a small boat, packed with a kick-ass sound system and lots of party people – hell yeah, what a party.

So the overall experience was beyond our all expectations and besides all the big festivals worth to look at!

Hard Island 2015 Highlights

Hard Island 2016

You may ask how to get there? Well, you have three options.

You can book and simply fly over to Croatia. It’s easy and can be cheap if you book now. You should really check all common flight pages to grab the cheapest, because you really don’t want to waste money for an expensive flight, right? You can also sign up for the ‘flight watch’, which will send you cheap flights right to your E-Mail.

Second, you could easily travel by car. It’ll take you some time, but a road trip with your best friends could be truly epic! Anyway, your destination is Novalja, Croatia! Plan your trip wisely and also think of crossing the borders and more. You should check both options and the costs very well – the more you look up, the more prepared you are.

Furthermore, Hard Island Festival is offered by lots of tour organizer. In Germany you can easily book your trip to Hard Island with Hardtours or Feierreisen.
If you’re form the Netherlands or Belgium take a look at Eventravel’s page and book your trip. Nothing is more comfortable if you don’t have to think of the next flight and when to go home.

Check the offer from our partners Eventtravel. They will make sure you arrive on time and don’t let you think about the way back to home.

Book your trip to hard Island with Eventtravel!


Ohh, sleeping … pretty important if you ask me. There are probably lots of accommodations around the destination. Use all common booking websites to find a fitting hotel.

Hard Island also offers different travel packages, which we would recommend if you’re searching for a good hotel/accommodation and festival access. You have the following options:

Basic Stay | Shared apartment – You’ll stay 5 nights in a shared apartment, which means foreign party people will or can join you in your apartment. As you can imagine this is the cheapest variant. Get your ticket + accommodation for just 159€ p.p.

Extended Stay | Shared apartment – The extended stay will give you two more nights in Croatia, which means you’ll arrive two days earlier. Make Hard Island to your holiday experience with this package. You will still share you apartment with others. 209€ p.p.

Basic Stay / extended Stay | Private apartment – There are two more options. You want to be alone with your friends or more important with your girlfriend? At night you want to lay naked next to each other and watch the stars? Have a quickie in the morning? Well, you should stay private then! For just 169€ p.p. for 5 nights that’d be your deal! If you want to go extended you need to pay 219€ p.p.

As you see there are a wide range of possibilities to travel to Croatia and to stay in Croatia. All in all it’s not that expensive as you think. A 7 nights stay for only 209€? Sounds fair!
Find more infos at


The Tickets

Most of the tickets like the VIP tickets are already sold out! So you better be fast. All early bird and super early bird tickets are sold out as well. Regular tickets for the festival (4 days long) are still available for just 39€, as well as upgrades to travel packages.

A few of the boat parties, which are absolutely special are already sold out. But you can still grab tickets for the Raw the Boat party or the Keeping The Rave Alive Cruise.

Just check, there you will find all the tickets.

The Line Up, the Festival

Let’s take a look at the most important aspect of Hard Island 2016 and the festival, the line up! Hell yeah, you just need to check the pictures below. I can’t say more than – THIS IS GOING TO BE INSANE!

Be prepared for a 10 years Dirty Workz showcase, a WE R showcase, the boat parties, the hardest beats by Hardcore Italia and a special Keeping The Rave Alive freestyle line up and more. ‘The line is amazing and already pretty huge, but there will be few more surprises, check the current line up:







The ultimate holiday experience

Hard Island Festival 2016 is more than just a festival. And this is what makes it special and different to other festivals. There is so much to discover around the actual festival. If you’re lazy you can just lay at the beach and visit the festival later. Put on your sunscreen and swimsuit and take a both in the beautiful, blue ocean, right next to the festival ground.


You like journeys and outdoor experiences? No problem just take a look at the surroundings, visit the city’s nearby or go hiking in the mountains with a crazy view you won’t forget, we promise! Make Hard Island to your holiday, to your hard holiday you ever wanted to experience – it’s worth it!

Take a look at to discover the line up once again, subscribe to their newsletter, check the travel packages and tickets. Get to know Hard Island Festival and watch the Line up announcements and highlights of 2015. We’ll see you over there!

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