Fabian Quiroga aka Stormerz is a young dj/producer from Chile and has so far reached goals that a few can claim as true. After he signed at X-Bone he played at Defqon.1 Chile last year and also played an amazing set with both, Noisecontrollers and Atmozfears, in Chile recently. He produces mainly Euphoric Hardstyle and his tracks are both refreshing and delightful. A bit like a nice uplifting cocktail of melodies that gleams with the sun beams. He is also the mastermind behind Feel The Rhythm, an amazing and refreshing podcast that will change you from what you can listen in general. We are very grateful to have Stormerz here today at Hardstyle Mag!


First of all Fabian, thanks you for your time, your career looks already very promising ! How are you doing today?

I’m doing well, thank you for having me on this interview!

How long have you been listening to Hardstyle?

I think 4 years or so, can’t remember exactly. But must be 4 years.

When did you decide to make the first step to produce Hardstyle?

It was because of curiosity, I wondered how producers made those crazy sounds haha. So I just started researching about it and then just practiced everyday (and I still do, of course, you never stop learning). I think I’ve started producing Hardstyle like 3 years ago or so.

Everyone has a favorite artist in the scene that is a bit like our “Super hero”. What is your Hardstyle Super hero Fabian?

It definitely has to be Noisecontrollers. I love his productions in both technical and creative sides, he’s a genius!

“Stormerz” is your producer and dj name. What is the story behind this name?

Actually, it’s just name, doesn’t have a deep meaning behind, I was just like “Uhh, I need a name to start posting my tracks, I guess” so “Stormerz” came out and I thought “Mmh, sounds cool haha”.

Are you studying at the same you make music or did you chose to focus mainly on your music ?

I’m only focusing on building my music career at the time, I left university by the start of this year to do what I really love, it now or never, right?

Let me ask you something more personal, what were you studying before you started Djing and producing?
I was studying Computing. Programming Analyst to be exact

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How long have you signed with X-Bone?

We started with my friend Wav3motion in december of the past year with our collaboration “Feel The Rhythm”.

Defqon.1 Chile that took place last year and you were part of the many artists that performed there. Was it the first gig you ever performed at?

Yes! I never performed before, so it was really crazy when Q-dance contacted me to play there. Of course I had some small fails during my set haha, but it was an amazing experience!

In the aftermovie of Defqon.1 Chile, people are absolutely losing themselves to the music and showing their immense passion for the music. It wasn’t of course the first time you guys had a Hardstyle event in Chile. Many DJs said that you were a crowd apart. As Chilean can you tell us more why people are loving Hardstyle so much in Chile?

I think it’s because of the hype. People waits all the year for one big event, in this case Defqon.1. So when the day arrives, we enjoy it to the fullest! In Europe, you guys have big festivals almost every month, right? So I guess people it’s already “used” to it.


For those who haven’t yet listened to your tracks, can you tell us how you would define your style?

Just hardstyle. Even though my latest releases are more on the euphoric side, I like to produce all styles and that’s what you can expect in my next tracks! So I’d be general on this question and just say “Hardstyle”, I don’t want people to categorize me as “Euphoric Producer” and then get surprised when I release a harder track haha.

If we have a look at all the tracks you have produced so far, and also the quality of each of them, I think we can easily say that you are some kind of a monster producer ! Where do you get your inspiration from?
Haha, thanks! My quality isn’t that good, still a very long way to reach my desired sound.

I get inspiration from everything! People, Situations, sometimes from Movies or productions from other great artists.

You have recently released tracks like “Stormerz & Wav3motion – All Must Die” or “Stormerz ft Maze – Where to Go” which are absolute masterpieces! But both have two atmospheres set apart. Can you describe a bit more what inspired you to create both of these tracks? When I listen to “All Must Die” I imagine a crime scene with heavy a heavy rain whereas “Where to Go” make me think about a sun going down on the mountains in front of the pacific ocean.

Thanks! For “All Must Die”, I was on Skype one day with Leonardo (Wav3motion) and we just said “let’s make a raw track” so it just came out. Not really a deep inspiration, we just start producing and see what happens. That’s how I am, I just sit to produce and ideas start flowing, I don’t usually have an idea before I start tracks. I mean, I do, but usually just some chords and parts of a melody, not the  whole track.

And for “Where To Go”, yeah, it’s a way more euphoric track. My friend Maze showed me the idea and I really liked it so we decided to work on it together.

In all of your tracks we can feel all the emotions that push you everyday to produce music. What gives you all the strength to keep going this way and get you as far as you are today?

I’m just really focused and motivated with it. I’m not the best, but I love the process of making music and learning to improve my skills. It’s a never ending process that keeps my mind busy and that is lots of fun for me. I need to be working on something every time haha. I also love that you can share your experiences or emotions through music, that gives me a lot of motivation, even though when I’m unmotivated or feel sad, I try to use it as inspiration.

Now, you are also hosting a podcast called “Feel The Rhythm” that is somehow a bit different from what we can usually listen to in other podcasts like Global Dedication, XXlerator, HardwithStyle and so on.. Different and very refreshing. Every time I have to take my car for a long distance (which is often) I put your podcast on, it helps me to stay in my best mood! What are your secret to always keep a 100% quality show all the time?

That’s a big compliment to me, thanks!

Well, I don’t know if it’s a “100% quality show” haha, but I do my best. I have guest mixes from other producers every 2 episodes and also try to get shoutouts from artists every month. Though there’s still a lot of stuff I want to do with the podcast, I think it’s on a good way!


I also noticed that one of your track “ Feel the Rhythm “was in Episode 15 of The Prophet Louder podcast. Is it somehow linked to the name you gave to your podcast?

It was amazing to have the support from such a legend. I got asked this before as well, but no, that track is not related to the podcast. The name only represents my intention with the podcast, make you feel the rhythm no matter the style of music.

You have not one, but “4 and many more” upcoming tracks including “Beyond Dreams”, “Storm Alert (Ft.Sentinel)”, “TBA (with Terror Weapon)” and “Movin” which is a remix you made from “Yurner”. Most producers say they have maybe 1 or 2 upcoming tracks… but 4 is quite unusual ! What can we expect from these bad boys inbound?

Actually, I just announced these 4 the other day in my page, but I have A LOT of unfinished stuff that might get finished soon; I’m also working on an EP, but can’t tell too much about it yet 😀

And about those tracks, “Beyond Dreams” is a very special and emotional track to me, more to the euphoric side. “Storm Alert” is a really energetic “dancy” track, and the others are pure hardstyle! Not so euphoric not so raw. So yeah, I will be releasing those soon.

Defqon.1 Chile 2016 will take ground in November. Can we expect you to play there like last year again?

It would be an honour! I feel way more confident to give a good show now, so I’d definitely try to do my best and make something special. Let’s see what happens.

Last questions but not least. You played at an event in Chile with both Noisecontrollers & Atmozfears. Was it your biggest gig ever?

Yeah, actually I think it’s the biggest crowd I’ve played for so far. It was a great night. Got to hang out a bit and receive some advices from my “hero” and I also enjoyed my set a lot, what else can I ask!

The whole Hardstyle Mag crew wishes you the best with your career! It was a real pleasure, thank you for your time!

I’m really appreciated, thank you! Till next time!

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