We all know her and we all love her – its Defqon.1, the mother of all harddance festivals. Several styles, multiple stages, an incomparable feeling of unity and for many the highlight of the year. But Defqon.1 is not only worshiped by its visitors but also from the performing Artists. The history is long and besides tons of memories, there is a long list of epic anthems that shaped each edition in a very unique way. We from Hardstyle Mag brought all anthems together and made a special mix out of it – to walk down memory lane with you.

The festival itself is the prestige festival created by Q-dance and the very first edition took place in 2003 at the beach of Almere/Flyoland. Until the year 2011 Defqon.1 was only a 1-day festival. At the beginning of 2011, Q-dance announced that the local authorities declined permission for the upcoming edition. So the organization moved to Biddinghuizen and up to the present day, this location is the place to be. The following year – 2012 – brought the next big change – by extending the Festival over the complete weekend with 3 days.

Defqon.1 Australia

The growing success of Defqon.1 encouraged the organizers to start a Defqon.1 edition in Australia. On September 19th. 2009 the Defqon.1 Australia celebrated its debut. After an ongoing success, the Australian Premier Gladys Berejiklian prohibited upcoming editions due to security reasons as two attendees died during the 2018’s edition caused by drug abuse.

Anthems – and what’s so special about

Since the very beginning of festivals, each edition gets an own track dedicated. Whilst the very first editions of Defqon.1 only have in official anthems,  but nevertheless each anthem tells its own special story. Thus, we brought all Defqon.1 anthems now together for you:

2003 | 30 Minutes by DHHD (Dj Luna, Trilok, Chiren)

30 Minutes –  DHHD ( DJ Luna, Trilok, Chiren ) – Label StraightOn Recordings

2004 | Demolition by Tuneboy

Demolition – Tuneboy was born in Italy on 6.6.1975 and is also part of the act  TNT together with Technoboy

2005 | Emergency Call by The Prophet

The Prophet (The Masochist) was born on 5.11.1968 and owner of the known Label  Scantraxx, part of The Dreamteam with DJ Bano, Buzz Fuzz, Dj Gizmo

2006 | The colours of the harderstyles by Showtek

Sjoerd Janssen (DJ Duro) and Wouter Janssen (Walt) – founded Showtek back in 2001. After a break of 6 years they returned back to Hardstyle in 2016.

2007 | Get Wasted by Brennan Heart

Fabian Bohn was born on 2.3.1982 and he is the creator of the I am Hardstyle movement and events. Beside his single project he is also part of the duo Blademasterz.

2008 | Biological Insanity by DJ Luna & Deepack

DJ Luna was born on 26.8.1977 in Den Haag and founded the label Minus is More in 2008. Deepack – is a dutch hardstyle project comprising Marcel van der Zwan, Frank Pechler, Ramon Roelofs

2009 | Scrap Attack by Headhunterz

Willem Rebergen was born on 12.9.1985 in Veenendaal. He is the founder oft he music label Scantraxx Reloaded. He is part of the duo Project One.

2010 | No time to waste by Wildstylez

Joram Metekohy was born on 7.1.1983 in Veenendaal. He is part of the known duo  Projekt One together with Headhunterz. He is also co-founder of the music label Art of Creation

2011 | Unite by Noisecontrollers

Between 2005 up to 2013 this project comprised the two producers Bastiaan  Oskam and Arjan Terpstra. But they split up in 2013 and since then its only Bastiaan.

2012 | World of Madness by Headhunterz & Wildstyles & Noisecontrollers

One of the best known Defqon.1 anthems was created by these 3 producers.

2013 | Weekend Warriors by Frontliner

Berry Drooger was born on 24.5.1984 in Amsterdam. He started his career under the name  Abject and was between 2008 and 2012 member of the music label Scantraxx. In 2012 he founded his own label  Keep it up music.

2014 | Survival of the fittest by Coone

KoenBauweraerts was born on 30.5.1983 in Belgium. In 2006 he founded the known music label Label Dirty Workz. His very first album got released in 2008 and named My Dirty Workz.

2015 | No Guts, No Glory by Rand D feat. Skits Vicious

Randy Wieland was born on 18.5.1981 in Zeeland Nordbrabant. He is also part oft he act Gunz for hire with Dj Adaro. In 2015 he and Dj Adaro , Frequenzers and B-Front founded the music Label Roughstate

2016 | Dragon Blood by Bass Modulators

A dutch duo comprising of Rick Buijtenhek and  Roland Evers. Their activities go back into the year 2007 and since 2011 they are part of the music label Scantraxx.

2017 | Victory forever by Frequencerz

This act was founded in 2005 by Pepijn Hol and Niels Koster. In 2009 they joined the music label fusion records and in 2010 they celebrated their Defqon.1 debut.  

2018 | Maximum Force by Project One

This project was founded by Headhunterz and Wildstylez and in 2008 they celebrated their debut at the Defqon.1. After a break of 3 years, they returned in 2016 as part of the Qlimax 2016 lineup.  

2019 | One Tribe by Keltek & Phuture Noize & Sefa

Keltek is a former member of the duo Psyko Punkz and member of the music label Scantraxx. Phuture Noize was founded as a duo but they split up in 2015 and since then its only Marco Spronk. Sefa was born on June 30th. 2000 and got in contact with Dr. Peacock at the age of 11. Already 3 years later he released his very first track at the music label Peacock Records.

2020 | Primal Energy by D-Block & S-Te Fan

Diedrik Bakker and Stefan den Daas founded this project in 2005 and are signed to the label Scantraxx. Here they got their own sublabel Scantraxx Evolutionz.

Defqon.1 Anthems – we love them

It belongs to the special theme which gets created by each edition of Defqon.1 and the announcement of each year’s anthem creators, gets celebrated as the real kick-off for the Defqon.1 preparations. People all around the globe are in a fever of excitement for this special moment, when the names get revealed. For all who prefer a continous mix, where we made a complete mix of all Defqon.1 anthems for you.

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