If we can’t go to the festival, we’ll just bring the festival to our home. We can’t replace the feeling like at the event itself, but we can try it. A story about our Defqon.1 at Home experience.

So the idea was born to organize a Defqon.1 streaming event. Due to Corona, no more than 10 people were allowed here to be present at the same time. So far so good. Friends were asked and were immediately enthusiastic.

Camp outside or sleep inside

It was up to everyone to decide whether to camp or to sleep in the house. The anticipation was great and so finally the Defqon.1 streaming weekend came.

Some set up their tents in the garden, others moved into the guest room. After everything was build up and prepared the party area was ready. The grill was started daily to create a basis. Then we all met in the prepared streaming area to watch the Defqon.1 at Home stream.

Our Streaming Area.

Let’s decorate with the official Q-dance deco package

With a lot of decoration, a few inflatable things, fairy lights, lasers, fog, colorful lights and seating, the location was really cool.

The game “Looping Louie” was very popular. Beer and shot consumption was probably also the highest there. 😀

Our Defqon.1 at home experience: Looping Louie 😀

In the morning there was always a breakfast together in the sun before the stream continued.

The Highlight of every day was always the quiz.

Some of the questions were extremely difficult and unusual. Especially the estimation questions.

Here are a few questions where we just thought .. WTF:

How many cars has Wildstylez owned in his life?
Correct answer: 10

How many tracks have been released on Scantraxx Recordz throughout the years?
Correct answer: 341

How many tracks were played at DEDIQATED?
Correct answer: 470

How many CDs were part of the BLACK stage of 2013?
Correct answer: 10118

Unfortunately, none of us made it into the top 100, but being there is everything. We definitely enjoyed all three quizzes and these were one of the best parts every day.

Highlight – Dr. Peacock in Concert

From the choice of music and DJs there was really something for each of us. The selected streaming locations from Q-dance were sometimes really unusual. Especially from Dr. Peacock.

Our Defqon.1 at home experience: Peacock in Concert at Defqon.1 Festival at Home 2020

All good things have come to an end. The Endshow was here. We all had tears in our eyes. The song fitted perfectly. It was a magical moment and just awesome.

Our Defqon.1 at home experience: Defqon.1 Endshow 2020 | The Show Must Go On.

This was a Q-dance experience. Wow! Wow!!!

With this legendary sentence, everything was over again. 🙁 We really hope that we will see each other again in 2021 on the holy grounds of Defqon.1 in Biddinghiuzen.

Conclusion of the weekend:

We had a lot of fun and it was a good replacement. It was definitely cheaper and more luxurious than a festival weekend. You could grill for 3 days, the beer was always well chilled in the fridge, the showers / toilets were always free and when it rained you were always dry. But still: the bass, the people, the feeling of the festival, the immersion in another world: there is just one site, hopefully in 2021.

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