The last weekend was clearly under the sign of Defqon.1 @ Home. The first Defqon.1 edition which took place only digitally and over the complete weekend. A huge lineup and big scheduled already highlighted in advance that Q-dance wont to do things by halves. And wow, what did we experience here?

Welcome to Defqon.1 @ Home – Friday. The year 2020 is thanks to the COVID19 virus a year without festivals and large parties. But nevertheless, the Hardstyle Scene is strong, and the love for the mother of all Hardstyle festivals Defqon.1 seems to grow even during dark times. This weekend it was all about Defqon.1 and the expectations were huge. Read how we experienced the weekend. Cause nobody knew, what this weekend would bring and how Q-dance will celebrate the festival of the festivals with us.

The Gathering

Time for the Gathering and Phuture Noize and the presentation of “Silver Bullet”. Wow a swimming stage with lights and flame. But we all know this small see, it’s the one directly on the opposite of the place where usually the main stage is located. And Phuture Noize with his first track ‘One Tribe’ the anthem of 2019. A good way to kick of the Gathering. All watchers who were consciously watching should have noticed that right after his ‘King of Jungle’ he played a new and yet unreleased track. But of course, he also played his big numbers like “Edge of Glory” and ‘Circles and Squares” in the new silver bullet edit. But he obviously added some more Easter eggs during his set. Right after his collab with B-Front ‘My Beautiful Fantasy’ he played a track we couldn’t identify. Maybe you?

D-Block & S-Te-Fan

This was the kick-off at the Blue, but now the time had come for this year’s anthem creators D-Block & S-Te-Fan at the main stage. And with this, the first spot on the main stage.

THIS WAS DEFQON.1 @ HOME [Friday]: The DJ Booth in the front

They kicked off their set with this year’s anthem and with this, the full area got illuminated in circles with flamethrowers firing to every bit. With drones, the cameras started to fly over and across the stage area. Dropping from high above from flying below the flamethrowers. Wow what impressive pictures did we see here?

Stage Area?

Wait, did we say ‘stage area’? yes, cause Q-dance decided not to build just a stage as we know it – but to take advantage of sky cameras and so using the complete main stage area. In the center, there was a huge Defqon.1 logo illuminated by lights in circles and the known metal Defqon.1 ornaments. We counted three circles of lights around the center symbol and a vast square of lasers embodying the circles.

The advantage of this setting became quickly obvious. Q-dance operated several drones around this setting, and they delivered a complete picture of the complete setting. Wow what a picture. The DJ booth  was actually a bit outside the inner circle.

THIS WAS DEFQON.1 @ HOME [Friday]: The Stage Area from above

D-Block & S-Te-Fan continued their set with “Good Time” followed by their “Love on Fire”. A good party mood started over when they played their remix of Gigi D’Agostinos ‘Bla Bla Bla’. Tracks like “Harder State of Mind” and “God is a DJ” rounded up a great performance during the Gathering.

THIS WAS DEFQON.1 @ HOME [Friday]: The Logo from above

Sub Zero Project

Next round – Sub Zero Project. With their new live act “Rave into Space” these guys have experienced a big boost during the recent months and this for good reason. They directly took over with their track “The Remedy” which was followed by ‘The Project vs. Patient Zero’ in the Defqon.1 edit. Full throttle directly from the beginning – even just watching a video stream – we could now feel the energy and party mood. Their collab with Villain ‘The Solution’ and the kick edit of ‘Bass Train’ gave the complete set a more raw taste, which was definitely a preparation for the “Wasted Lands” shows after the Quiz. Warface’s ‘Need You’  and D-Sturbs ‘World out there’ enriched our demand for more.

N-Vitral Blue Stage

And this demand got served – welcome N-Vitral. The Master of the new hardcore sounds directly played ‘I’m nuclear’, ‘Start a Riot’ his collab with Angerfist ‘Bare Knuckle Fist’ and his collab with Deadly Guns ‘Detonate the Bomb’. Ok, now the stage was close to be blown in pieces.

THIS WAS DEFQON.1 @ HOME [Friday]: N-Vitral on water

The Quiz ‘The Ultimate Hardstyle Quiz’

Before the night took completely over with “The Wasted Lands: Midnight Mayem” it was time for the first edition of the Quiz. A show with more than 300 prices and taking place over all 3 days. Host of the quiz was Audiofreq. He asked the questions directly into the camera followed by a ticking clock sound before the next question was asked. Did you register for it? Did you win? Let us know

Wasted Lands

Now it was quarter to midnight and with a stunning lineup for the night, the DJs moved back inside with their sets. The idea of the Wasted lands seemed to be, let’s mix what does not seem to match. Whilst the lineup was more than promising we detected some small and bigger highlights.

THIS WAS DEFQON.1 @ HOME [Friday]: Timetable for the Friday Wasteland

An Adaro with Paul Elstak was pretty uncommon – but hell, why not. And yes, the wild mixture was clearly to hear. Adaro played his collab with Endymion ‘Above it all’ and his ‘Ghost Town’ and the rough raw sounds got mixed up with Paul Elstaks & Ransoms ft. Boogshe ‘Flipside’ and his ‘Promised Land’ in the Viper remix or ‘Call Home’. In total a nice set with some freestyle elements.

Ran-D with Da Tweekaz

Next was Ran-D with Da Tweekaz. The track ‘Thunder’ by Da Tweekaz & Round Rush ft. Xception made the beginning, followed by Ran-D’s ‘Warriors’. Da Tweekaz answered with their ‘I’m with you’ and their ‘Jägermeister Tomorrowland 2019 edit’. The longer the set lasted the harder the tracks became. A pure highlight was Gunz for Hire’s ‘Sicario’ which was already honored for their brilliant track artwork. The set got closed with E-Force & Deadly Guns ft. Carola & MC Livid – ‘Inflict the Pain’.

Bring back the early sounds – Early Rawstyle with B-Front & Geck-O. This one was awaited by many listeners. And yeah with Ran-D & B-Fronts Rebirth anthem 2011 ‘Rebirth’, Crypsis ‘Breaking down low’ or E-Force’s ‘Freakz at Night’, Ran-D & Digital Punk ‘rebel to the Grave’ they brought us really down memory lane.

This was Defqon.1 @ Home Friday – read more about Defqon.1 @ Home the Saturday here.

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