The last weekend was clearly under the sign of Defqon.1 @ Home. The first Defqon.1 edition which took place only digitally and over the complete weekend. A huge lineup and big schedule already highlighted in advance that Q-dance wont to do things by halves. And wow, what did we experience here? Lets hop into the Saturday

So here we go with the second day of Defqon.1 @ home. After a marvelous Friday with the Gathering and a huge stage area, we were excited how the Saturday would look like.

Easy kick-off

Luckily the timetable for the Saturday was pretty relaxed for the Hardstyler out there. The day started with a Warrior work out powered by Aquarius. A fifteen minutes workout to become fit after Friday.

THIS WAS DEFQON.1 @ HOME [SATURDAY]: Moments of Defqon.1

The first sets were broadcasted around quarter past eleven and provided with the Magenta stage some first early hardstyle sounds around noon. The Purple stage afterwards provided some newcomers like K1 and Dayah.

Followed by the Silver Stage with some real early hardcore sounds by the legend Ophidian & the Outside Agency. Preparing for some early gabber sounds at the Gold Stage with Rob Gee and Gizmo.

Quick sessions at the UV Stage

The next two hours comprised a bold number of Hardstyle names who all joined roughly from 15 to 20 minutes. The highlight was Frontliners selection who played his Defqon.1 anthem of 2013 ‘weekend warriors’. A track where we still get goosebumps. But our feelings got even lifted more once we heard the first sounds of ‘Symbols’ the Q-Base anthem of 2012. This track is made for eternity. He rounded up his set with his ‘Losing Control’, ‘What you Got’ and his ‘Love Song’. This man is a real legend. The following performances of Primeshock | Sephyx | Wasted Penguiz | Bassmodulatorz and Audiotrics and Adrenalize matched to a very nice UV lineup. We are already back in full party mode.

Time for Power Hour

After a timeout of 3 minutes due to technical issues – it was finally time for the beloved Power Hour. Introduced 6 years ago, this hour stands for the climax of Defqon.1 insanity.

Attention warriors – for the next 60 minutes – we are all slaves of madness.

THIS WAS DEFQON.1 @ HOME [SATURDAY]: The Best of Power Hour

A powerful mix of the wildest power hour tracks combined with a nice recut of all power hour scenes of the past six years. An impressive collection of the best shots and moments accompanied by the ‘Heey Hoo’ underlined by bold reverse bass ‘Digital Nation’ by Technoboy & Tuneboy & Isaac. Let’s call this, the best of the best of Power Hour. What a trip down memory lane.

THIS WAS DEFQON.1 @ HOME [SATURDAY]: THis is the original track on YouTube

Time for some Hardcore

Once the stream of the Power Hour ended, it was time for the Hardcore giants to take over. Stage Yellow and Black were ready to go.

Especially Korsakoff convinced once again with a nice Hardcore set driven by classical hardcore tunes. She kicked the set off with ‘Re-Bottled’ a nice track she did together with The Viper. Furthermore, she played her ‘Warriors’, the MOH edit of hers ‘Unconquered’, ‘Journey Through Stylez’ and ‘Pink Noize. Ear shaking was a hardcore version of Tone and I ‘Dance Monkey’.

Highlight Peacock in Concert

For sure, this man is a phenomenon, his music is outstanding and he shaped the complete Frenchcore scene tremendously. The Peacock in Concert editions are for good reason hyped and rare cause they are always unique. But this time, the Dr. has outdone himself.

THIS WAS DEFQON.1 @ HOME [SATURDAY]: A highlight – Peacock in Concert

In the middle of nowhere in front of a huge tower surrounded by the woods, Dr. Peacock and the team once again delivered a breathtaking performance. He started with his ‘Lucid Dreams’, followed by ‘Irish Banger’ with Billx and directly created a bold atmosphere. His masterpiece ‘Frenchcore Worldwide’ and ‘Everything is a lie’ created several moments of goosebumps. Well done!

Brothers & Synchronized at the RED

Of course, the time was limited and Q-dance was obviously more than willing to bring as much as artists as possible. But contrary to the UV stage, the Red Stage was about to bring three special sets.

Sound Rush presented ‘Brothers’ a fulminant new track they created with Michal Jo, to kick off their set. A powerful Hardstyle track with strong sounds with a female voice – creating a perfect festival atmosphere. Of course tracks like ‘For you’, ‘No one knows’ or their collab with D-Sturb ‘Embracing the Darkness’ got played as well.

THIS WAS DEFQON.1 @ HOME [SATURDAY]: Warface and D-Sturb on fire

Rough times with the End of Line giants Warface and D-Sturb. Its time for Synchronized. A special Defqon.1 edit of ‘The Awakening’ was directly played at the beginning. And both Artists were in good mood, hits like ‘Take on the World’, ‘Breaking the Rules’, ‘Remedy’ and of course ‘Synchronized’ delivered a set which turned every living room at home into a warfare. This was power from the beginning to the end.

The Best of the Endshow

This was clearly one of the highlights – the best of Endshow. We all love them, and each year we are so excited to witness how will celebrate and finish each year’s edition. And for sure, each year made it to surprise us.

Like the Best of Hour Hour, Q-dance prepared a full movie of 30 minutes showing a cut of the epic moments we all experienced. Accompanied by Brennan Heart’s ‘Imaginary’, Phuture Noize’s ‘Circles and Squares’ or Plan B’s ‘Love Goes Down’ we witnessed a powerful collection of the best shots. Especially the legendary 2012 stage created a powerful moment of golden memories.

THIS WAS DEFQON.1 @ HOME [SATURDAY]: The Best of Endshow

This was the 2nd Day, read all about Day 3 😉

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