Let’s gather at Dream Village!

Last year we put Dream Village Festival into our list of the best events in 2015. For sure, the edition was quite remarkable, as organizer Eye4Dance offered a grand line up, a good location and an amazing festival, for small money. One of our last sentences in the review was – they seriously could go full weekend. Nothing less happened this year, as they announced a full weekend of Dream Village festival including camping! We sadly couldn’t be there for the whole weekend, but we couldn’t resist to check out Saturday, the main festival day. This is our review of Dream Village Festival 2016!

The dream location?!

Besides the announcement of the full Dream VIllage weekend experience, they also announced be bigger than ever before. By moving to a new location, they had lot’s of opportunities. The festival took place near Breda, in between some cornfield. So, enough space for the festival ground, camping and parking. Sadly just one small road led to the parking places, so it took us very long to leave after the festival. But, we had a good talk with some dutch people, so it didn’t really matter in the end.
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Once you entered the festival ground you felt like you entered a whole new place. Everything was decorated and felt fitting. First, you came across the lockers and while u went further the sounds of the first stage hit you hard. On the left you had the outdoor freestyle stage, by Supersized. A little further some token booths, as well as you found yourself within a little street.

In this street you found various booths, like merchandise, food, tokens, the Hard News Cafe and more. I think it was really outstanding, and made you feel like you really entered a dream resort. We didn’t expect such a big effort and lovely themed festival ground. THis was definitely one for the books and for such a size and ticket prize highly appreciated.

The Supersized Freestyle stage

Our first stop was Mark with A K at the freestyle outdoor stage. He started with an edit of the lovely Star Wars theme and continued mixing himself through the best freestyle beats. The mood of the people was great, the sun was shining and Mark With A K delivered a really cool set. One of our favorites was definitely his collab with Warface – Fear The Dark!


More artist you could have discovered here on saturday were Ruthless, Panic, Zany, Bass D or Dr. Rude and even a few more. The sound at this stage was really good and very clear. For it’s size it also had a cool look and great show. Small, but very nice!


The smallest of all stages at Dream Village Festival 2016. But somehow one of the best in our opinion. The stage was located next to the food corner. And when we say it was small, it was seriously small, at least it was an outdoor stage. Some great names played – just enter the time machine and enjoy the beats by Josh & Wesz, Jones, Alpha2, Tatanka, Scope DJ or even Crypsis.

We first went to this stage for Scope DJ, who delivered an uplifting set as usual. many great classics passed by as we danced our ass off to his great set … together with around 20 other people. Yes, 20! The stage was not packed at all, sadly.

But, I really need to say this – MC Da Syndrome made the best job as an MC that day. This guy even made the 20 people go fully crazy. Besides, he enjoyed the time on stage as much as he could. Isn’t it great to see someone on stage dancing, smiling and motivating you and the DJ’s to just let go? That’s what he did and that’s what I expect from an MC!


We also visited Crypsis classic set, since he blew us away at Fantasy Island. What can I say, it was great! These older, rougher tunes have their very own flair, which is really good! Slightly faster than the set before, the energy he set was free was awesome and every single track dragged you in its atmosphere. As usual Crypsis mixing technique was insane! So, please Eye4Dance, these artists, this music really deserve something bigger next year!

V for Vendetta

Besides the freestyle stage by Supersized, the Throwback stage, Dream Village Festival 2016 offered a hardcore stage as well. This one was called Vendetta, just like Eye4Dance’s strictly hardcore event – makes sense … somehow.

Anyway, this stage was inside a tent, and you could have enjoyed the devastating kicks, fast rhythms and faster BPM’s by DJs like Unexist, Furyan, Dyprax, Miss k8, Angerfist, Noize Suppressor, a Miss K8 album showcase, Nosferatu and even Scarphase Live as closing act.

The atmosphere was great, although it was less packed than expected,. We walked by the stage while Dyprax played the last 30 minutes of his set. Dyprax’s typical sound and kick was blasting through the speakers. I’d say only the most dedicated people gathered here.


After Dyprax Unexist, the crazy Italien dude, hopped on stage and gave the crowd a feeling of what real, Italien hardcore is all about! Crazy kicks, awesome melodies and the perfect energy. Unexist played at a way higher BPM than Dyprax, which was a good thing. His tracks work way better at almost 200 BPM and even above. Great set, by one of our absolute favorites, when it comes to hardcore.

Supersized Raw

The second biggest stage at the festival ground – Supersized Raw! No doubt, this area was packed the most, besides the big mainstage. The raw tent was located in middle of the festival ground. The as big as Fantasy Island’s raw stage for example.
The sound was crazy and really good here! Artist-wise all raw lovers should have found something. Starting with Outbreak, to Jack of Sound, Chain Reaction, Titan, Bass Chaserz,

Adaro, High Voltage, Tartaros, Deetox, Warface Live (The very last old live set) and Gearbox member Unresolved as the closing act.

We visited the raw area for the first time during Titan’s last minutes, the ending was pretty rough and we were curious if Bass Chaserz could keep up with this. We think their set was good, but not outstanding. They started with tracks like In Control, Big Dick and later they played Serpant f.e. The set was dominated by the typical Nightbreed Records sound.

After some time at other stages, we came back for Deetox, but also checked the last minutes of Tartaros. Damn, what a sick ending! He played Brutal 5.0, followed Smokemachine and One by One, his collab with Radical Redemption. Surely he already hit the 155 or even higher BPM. His last track Evolve – a collab of The Geminizers and Delete drove the .. sadly, small crowd crazy.

Next up was Deetox. The beginning was a little softer with tracks like Alone or Rock it. I wished a little rougher set, with tracks like Chaos Reign, Fatal or Street Movement. The second half of her set was way better. With rising BPM, she also wen harder and harder, until she reached the climax with Do or Die (Rebelion Remix) and her collab with Rebelion.


And now, the best act of this day. The best set of the day. The craziest atmosphere of the day – there are only a few who could manage this. It was time for Warface Live, with his very last live set (with his old suit). Seriously, besides Delete VIP, Warface Live is the BEST live act and probably one of the best hardstyle acts you can visit.

But what makes him one of the best acts to visit? It’s actually simpler than you think. We said this alot of times about his live act, Warface manages to deliver 30 minutes of non-stop kicks. Not a single longer break. Every smaller break is max. 32 beats long, so exactly one climax part. But, in this time he is preparing the next track he is mixing in.

He always tries to put different intros, climax parts and outros together. So, you maybe discover his track The Revival with the climax of Sentinel.
I think, this 30 minutes straight dancing is what the crowd loves and at least what we love. He understands how to make the crowd go wild and make them dance – the first aim of a DJ.

He started with tracks like Fear the Dark and at 158 BPM. HE mixed through his whole library. Older tunes, newer tunes, collabs. THe live set was a great selection of his released and probably some unreleased tracks. I wished a slightly faster ending with Release the Kraken, but Warface 2.0 at 165 BPM was also really sick – now, show me your warface!!

Dream Village Festival – The Mainstage

Just on time we arrived at the outdoor mainstage for Adrenalize vs. Energyzed. Sadly, both played way too early in our opinion. The mainstage wasn’t even packed to its fully potential. Although both were responsible for this year’s Dream Village anthem, their spot was overtrump by bigger DJs and producers like D-Block & S-Te-Fan. GIve Adrenalize and Energyzed the chance to present themselves.

Their set felt really fresh, as we love the uplifting sound of both. The light melodies of Adrenalize and the compact sound design of Energyzed felt really good combined. Both have some really good producing skills. In between the set sometimes had too long breaks we think, but still – we really liked it!


Next up were Bass Modulators. It doesn’t matter how often you experience them, it’s always a pleasure! Great set again, as they mixed together their well known hits, older tunes and went a little rougher in the end. Was great to hear Bounce and Break again. Also the Defqon.1 anthem is still loved by everyone. Their remix of Adele’s Hello makes even the hardest rawstyle fanatic sing along and Faster N Further has still one hell of a melody!

As the sun began to hide itself behind the main stage, artists like Frequencerz, Digital vs. Alpha2 or E-Force unleashed some true hardstyle power. The last act was about to play, as Digital Punk and Alpha2 dropped the last track. The stage turned black. Then, green and red lights lighted up the stage. With some orchestrial drums the closing act of Dream Village’s mainstage was announced: Hard Attakk!

Didn’t hear a set of them since a very long time. Last time was actually Q-Base 2015. We saw many releases, with their specific kick and screech. We didn’t really know what to expect. First, their costume slightly changed. They changed from a black soldier to some kind of black monk / jedi costume, but still with the two masks!


Music-wise, we can tell you – they rock!! Their tracks have a great energy and an awesome drive. They definitely make you dance and move along. A highlight was definitely their edit of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On. The phat kicks and fast screeches do an excellent job. Mixing-wise we expected a little more, or let’s say less breaks. Compared to Warface or even Delete f.e. I wish some more edits and a faster way of mixing in the future. But Hard Attakk are definitely worth to visit!

Stages & Show

All stages, either within a tent or outdoor, had a different design. Of course we couldn’t expect huge stages and a mind blowing show. But the stages did their job. Not a single one felt out of place or was badly designed. It was nothing really outstanding, but also nothing really bad. Especially the main stage was actually quite cool.


At night the big mainstage unfold its true being. With all the lights, lasers, LED walls, fire and smoke and the constructions on the sides it made you feel like you’re soaked in. Again I really need to admit, Eye4Dance perfectly uses their opportunities.
The sound was great on all bigger stages. Very clear, but also powerful.

The Firework led to the ending of Dream Village’s saturday. Since the two outdoor main stages, House and Hardstyle, were placed almost next to each other, but turned apart, the firework in the middle of both main stages was impressive and actually really good. A nice day at Dream Village was over. Thank you Eye4Dance for this beautiful experience!

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