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After a few hours of sleep we had to wake-up early again to visit Supersized Kingsday! We did visit this event in 2015 as well, and I really liked it. It’s actually a smaller sized Defqon 1. or Decibel. This years line-up was promising again, with even more stages! A wide range of music from the harder styles were represented this year. From Hardstyle to Rawstyle, from Hardcore to Up-tempo. Let’s have a look at Supersized 2016! 

We arrived at the parking area at 12:30. Last year the parking area was right next to the event site. This year, however, it was arranged differently. Something that we didn’t like at all. We had to park this year on a pasture for €10,-. In addition, our car was fully soked under into the mud. Our car was stuck in the mud for two times and had to be pushed to the parking spot. Our shoes were already quite full of mud, not pleasant when you want to party till 23:00.

Then we had to take a shuttle bus to the festival grounds, a ride of 5 minutes. That was fine for now, but on the way back it was hell. We will talk about that later.



Finally we arrived at the festival area. We bought a locker for €7,- and some tokens. This time the tokens were €2,75 for one token. It seems that the token price at outdoor events is way higher this year. Directly at the Maxima Entrance we saw the raw stage. We went to the raw stage and enjoyed the set of Degos & Re-done. They were playing their own tracks like; Fight your fears, Madness and Stomping. The sound system was really good at this stage. A great improvement this year! The raw stage was fully outdoor with only two shelters for maybe 200 people. I think this area could cover 2000 people in total, so the shelters were not helpful for many people. The rain forced us to move to the indoor stages and so we checked the Hardstyle stage.

The Hardstyle stage is the biggest stage of Supersized. It is in a large tent, at least as big as the Blue area at Defqon.1. The sound system in this area was great as well. The temperature in this area was comfortable and you could have partied in a shirt. We enjoyed a few tracks of the set by Audiotricz. They were playing a classic set with tracks like ‘Headhunterz – From Within’, but also many softer ‘house sounding’ tracks, which I didn’t like. After Audiotricz we decided to move towards the Hardcore stage and check out DJ Mad Dog!

DJ Mad Dog was playing really early at this stage – 14:30. It was an 1:30 set which is always a bit too long in my opinion. But DJ Mad Dog played a very diverse set, which was a good thing! He played his awesome bangers like ‘Rewind’ and the DJ Tool ‘Back to the Oldschool’. After 1:30h it was time for Angerfist. The DB were increasing and the sound system was brutal! The organization did a great job with all this awesome sound systems, especially for an outdoor event. Angerfist played many tracks from his last two albums, The Deadfaced Dimension and Raise & Revolt. It was a good set, but nothing special.

After this set we decided to go for a walk and catch some food and new drinks. The token-price for food and drinks were normal, but the token price itself was higher as we mentioned. There were some relax area’s with some shelters were you could hide for the rain. The organization did a good job there. Let’s go back to the music.


At this moment the Hardcore area was already packed, I think it was too crowded, because I coudn’t move without touching someone. It was still very cold in this area so I decided to move to the front to keep myself warm. Kasparov & Amada were taking over and they really surprised me. They played funny tracks with crazy lyrics and the new tracks by D-Fence called Pompen and an edit especially made for Kingsday. Kasparov dropped his tunes ‘Magic’ and ‘Infected by Madness’ which always make the crowd go crazy! Amada dropped her track ‘Pillow Fight’ and ‘Never Fall A Sleep’ by Tha Playah, what an awesome classic it still is!

After this b2b set it was time for another italian DJ. AniMe was joining the stage. Here new album is really crazy, so I like to here these tracks live for the first time. She played tracks like ‘Bass for your face’, ‘Detonate’ (The Sickest Squad Remix), ‘Fucking Jump’ and ‘Terrordome’. Besides that she also played some older tracks like ‘A-Bomb’, which is still a good tune to make the audience go total nuts.

Now it’s time for the total destruction. The brutal force from the United Kingdom has arrived. Give it up for Destructive Tendencies! Goddamn, this sound system did really made my ‘Ears bleed’. The audience was going crazy. At this moment even more people moved towards the Hardcore stage, I think it was at 130% of its capacity which was not good for your health at all. It was way too crowded and people were trying to get a better spot the whole time. Anyway we really enjoyed the music cause the bass was drilling trough our body. They played many new tracks, I think they are upcoming on their album. They also played ‘Sounds Become One’, which was again doing great at this time. Destructive Tendencies gave the best they had. In my opinion the best set of the day!


After Destructive Tendencies it was time for Partyraiser at the Hardcore stage but I decided to walk around and check the Rawstyle stage for a few seconds, since it was finally not raining anymore. We enjoyed some beats by Deetox and did set sail towards the Hardstyle stage to end our kingday. B-Front was playing his final tracks, which were truly magical. But it was not the same vibe as at X-Qlusive B-Front, but I think we won’t reach that in a long time! Still B-Front was giving his best playing his track ‘Magic’ and some new tracks like ‘Which wolf to feed’.

B-Front leaving the stage and it was time for E-Force. I didn’t saw E-Force in a long time so I was really curious. E-Force was opening his set with ‘Men of Steel’ which really made a statement for the rest of his rough and diverse set. He played some tracks from Warface his latest album, The 9 Circles, which were doing great live. I still don’t understand why people don’t like these tracks, cause I think the atmosphere is amazing. Of course he dropped ‘Seven’ which made the crowd go insane! He also dropped his new collab with Frequencerz called ‘Gods’ damn, this track is amazing! That melody is really magical, especially with the kick blasting trough the speakers. After that, E-Force dropped ‘Fuck this Nation’ which he did play twice, I think that was a little mistake, haha. He closed his set with ‘Men of Steel’ hardcore edit, which was fun but he also dropped the hardstyle version in this set. Still I think this set was really good, with lots of rough tracks, you could see that people really enjoyed it.

Stage design and location

The location of Supersized is really awesome. Area’s around a lake always do well ;). The stages were very diverse, but the design was not special at all. I think the Hardcore stage was really funny with, former Queen of Holland, Beatrix driving her boat. The Hardstyle stage had the best of all, with visual effects and stunning lasers. Besides there were many funny things to do, like traditional dutch-games, eating pancakes and there were many role-playing characters in the dutch style. This was really nice, the dutch (stereotype) culture in a nutshell.

I think Supersized tried all they could to place extra shelters and give-away free ponchos, but still the rain was not in our favor. I think this forced many people to go to the “tent areas”, so they became way too crowded. But what shall we do, right?


The event did came to an end and everyone want’s to set sail towards home. There were two exits. Last year we had the Alexander exit, this year the Maxima exit. It was a total disaster. Besides the normal free buss you could also buy a ticket for €5,- for another buss. But nobody seems to knew that. Besides that there was only 1 free-bus, at a time, to take all the people towards there cars. We decided to walk towards our car, like many people did. But this was a walk of 40 minutes. Which is really a shame! When we did finally arrive at our parking area all the cars were stuck in the mud and they had to use tractors to pull all the cars from the parking area. After 1 hour we could finally leave the parking area. This really a big negative of the day. We hope next year Supersized will use the other parking area’s again.


Although some areas were really crowded and the weather was not always in our favor we enjoyed a lot at this event. The indoor stages were used as shelter very often, which was not a good thing. Supersized obviously can’t do anything against bad weather, rather than trying everything to make the visit as comfortable as possible. On the other hand the parking area was in bad condition and the busses weren’t organized well at all! If we focus on the event only and the music quality of it I think they improved greatly! We recommend you to visit Supersized next year!

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