6. Max Enforcer – Creatures

The first of the two Q-Base anthems was made by Max Enforcer with melodies and sound pattern from older anthems. Mike NRG’s melodie from Lost in Dreams brings us back to past times and old raves. A great way to dedicate his track.

5. Frequencerz – Raw & Uncut

‘QAPITAL’ is what the people screamed after this anthem! The Frequencerz were raw before it was cool and in early 2014 this track was going through the scene like crazy. Today, you will find many different versions if you are looking for it because of the remix contest, where newcomers could use the Raw & Uncut vocals to create their own tracks.

4. Code Black & Atmozfears – Accelerate

Take a typical Code Black, euphoric to the max lead, add a few great vocals and of course Atmozfears. What you get will accelerate your heartbeat uncontrollable. So, it rained a bit at XXlerator Outdoor but this heartwarming track brought the crowd into the right mood.

3. Noisecontrollers – The Source Code of Creation

Around one month before Qlimax 2014 this anthem was a big question mark for all of us. It is good or bad? Noisecontrollers ‘dubstyle’ part jumped out of the row, that’s for sure. But as we already know, it was a huge success, especially live, where he played a second version with more ‘dubstyle’ in it.

2. Ran-D ft. E-Life – The Hunt

‘And that most of the time the prize isn’t the endgame. But the road towards it’. With this anthem Intents Festival showed how important just a few words can be. E-Life’s voice still echoes through so many podcasts and events because of his unforgettable lines.

1. B-Front & Frequencerz – Psycho

It’s not just the best hardstyle anthem of 2014 but also one of the most successful rawstyle tracks of the last year. Psycho crossed borders with its awesome rap part. Now, I leave you with the lyrics to sing along.

This another one. For the books!
I want you to know I’m the motherf**king psycho
Dropping fat beats no faggot shit like George Michael (Wake me up)
I want you to know I’m the motherf**king psycho
Dropping fat beats Heavy shit this is my show
Straight in your face like a motherf**king psycho
Straight in your face Bitch

Is something missing? What are your favorite anthems of 2014?

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